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Demo AoE rotation and Chaos Wave granting demonic fury?

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Hello guys,


this is my first post here because I don't quite seem to understand how AoEing as a demo lock works. Especially in dungeon situations where adds usually don't live longer than a few seconds.

I probably want to apply a few corruptions on adds that take at least a few tick and then use immolation aura with chaos wave. But what do I do on the next pack? chaos wave is likely to be on cooldown still and just sitting there using immolation aura or hellfire feels kind of wrong. I'm also not quite sure what to do while immolation aura is up. There is no point to apply doom if adds don't live for at least 13-15 seconds and touch of chaos feels like a waste of fury. I would be really grateful if someone could help me out here :)


And second, probably more important, while AoEing i noticed that I sometimes get huge chunks of demonic fury and only today figured out what actually causes this.

Apparently getting a killing blow with chaos wave or while the chaos wave debuff (slow) is still active on the target, gives you 80-100 demonic fury instantly. That only counts while you are in metamorphosis though. So if you actually cast chaos wave and switch to human form immediately, you don't get anything.

Since I haven't found anything about chaos wave generating demonic fury on the forums or even in the spell descriptions, I wanted to post it here.

Is that supposed to happen? Am I just too stupid to find information about this?

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Unwritten, yes, but killing blows in Meta will grant 100 DF.  AoE in Demo is pretty limited to you charge ability but those charge abilities are super strong. It's hard to even go by scenario here because so much comes into play (fury, charges, number of mobs, health of mobs). It would be impossible to really go in depth on every scenario and for a lot of us, this tiers 4pc is making us fill with ToC in AoE exclusively.


I will try to go over some basic understandings and then you can tailor it from there.



  • No DF - spend in caster or kill them in Meta with CW (you need to know YOU will kill them)
  • Lots of DF - spend in Meta only but still try to kill with it

Immolation Aura/Hellfire:

  • You need 5 (maybe 3 or 4 currently) plus mobs and DF stored up for Immolation Aura, great to combo with CW kills
  • Use Hellfire if you have 5 plus mobs and are just starved with no HoG charges


  • Have DF and targets live for a Doom tick - cast Doom on whatever takes said tick (Imp's can't get nerfed, too stronk)
  • Have DF and they won't live for Doom, target low HP with ToC to try and steal some DF from them or target evenly if they all just need to die.
  • Don't have DF - Your filler is as said above Hellfire as it is channeled but if you don't have enough targets, DoT the world, and SB/SF for DF

This again won't cover everything but gives you the framework. Some points might be slightly off as tuning is super hard to gauge right now.  This will also change for sure at level 100.

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The only thing I would change is to just leave Immolation Aura out.  It's so pathetically weak right now that I can't justify its Demonic Fury cost.  Everything else Gnar said, I'd back 100%.

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