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Blizzard handing out silences

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 I received a silence action recently but I know I did not say or do anything that violates the blizzard code of conduct or social codes.  I believe that their reporting system was abused by some players who were in my aberrus normal PUG and who were not happy for unknown reasons.  I run these pugs each week on several of my nine level 70's.  As a part of hosting these pugs I use raid warnings to post the mechanics we will use on each boss.  If I am not on a tank I ask the tanks if they agree.  If we experience wipes I repost the mechanics and sometimes follow it up with a RW saying "Please do the mechanics".  I do not call anyone out and only kick players if they are making toxic comments.  I have appealed the silence but blizzard has not responded.  I tried posting in their forums but received a message saying I was silenced and cannot post in their forum.
[3:49 PM]
In my opinion Blizzard has turned into an unfriendly company who could care less about their paying customers.

Blizzard replied to my ticket saying that they would not remove the silence and that it was justified but I know I did nothing wrong.

I believe that players have figured out a way to abuse the reporting system and I believe that Blizzard customer service is non existent!

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On 8/14/2023 at 2:59 PM, Zur said:

who could care less

"Could NOT care less"

I have had action taken against me both in-game and on the official forums, and any time that happens, Blizzard sends an email to the address on file which states the reason for the action, type of action, and length of the action. So, there are no surprises there. As for the appeals process, it is pretty useless but that's not because Blizzard hates the people that pay to play the game, it's because action is only taken after a person reviews multiple reports of violating behavior.

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