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SP Tree and Spells

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Kinda worried that in Aberrus on normal and heroic, I can not get past 25K damage. 

In following the specs here on Icy-Veins, there are a few things that bother me ... one is the continuous mention of MIND FLAY which does not exist in the tree or as a spell for a Shadow Priest anymore. I believe it was removed a few months back. And the comments and explanations continue to state to use Mind Flay ... which is weird.

It is even stranger that one other SP in our guild, has a similar/same build and when you look at his recount data, it shows Mind Flay listed ... and one wonders where that came from, and it is on top of his damage list, and he is averaging over 65K compared to me.

Sadly, this has taken me out of Heroic even with item level at 421. And looking at the rotations and explanations, there is some stuff that is not clear ... we can not do a whole lot of AOE damage, other than Void Torrent, although on occasion it shows up on a spell or two ... but not enough times to make a difference.

Any suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated, although I am inclined to believe NOW, that too many of these guides are "theory crafted" and not "reality crafted", otherwise the current state of spells and changes would be worked in and adjusted. I can't help thinking that the guide listed here is not up to snuff ... but that is a thought since I have no idea how to amp up my DPS and no one's suggestions are helping ... they always say to check this and that ... not realizing that many of those links are out of date and not up on the changes and the play of the class.

Needless to say, the SP seems to have been "removed" from doing any worth while damage, specially when you see folks doing 100K and 80K and probably an average over 55/60K for the whole raid ... I'm just looking for some serious improvement, and not another trip tp nowhere with poor/outofdate information.

Eventyr/Draka (Horde)

Thx in advance

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The problem is not the guide. It is written by probably the best Shadow Priest in NA. 25k is abysmal for your ilvl. you should be at 80k on dummy at least at that point.

You have bigger issues than how the guide is written. It works absolutely fine for the rest of us.

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Thx for no help ... the dummy does about 30/35K.

But the movement in Aberrus is causing issues as are the various Mythics when you have to move to cast ... you don't have time for Vampiric Touch, for example, and no one has a good answer to that. 

Your comment is bizarre. The other  SP in my guild usually has a good start and ends up around 50K ... but his gear is about 435! I still lack the Mastery and Haste suggested (19% and 30%), which might be the issue ... not sure ... but I'm likely to dump the Shadow Priest as worthless, specially with comments like yours.


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