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Fury performance help

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Hey guys,

I just finished Mythic for the second week in a row, and am having some insecurities about my dps.


The following are logs from my guilds most recent run: (I am Winterfang)




On certain bosses I died early, but on bosses such as Garrosh I feel I performed on par.


This is my most recent armory:




Do note my ilvl for last nights run was ilvl 571. I have not gemmed or  enchanted my new gear yet. (although I am open to suggestions).


My first question. Is the dps range ~9k- 12k low for ilvl 571 ? 


Second my stat weight is ~ 48% crit. 20% haste ~41% Mastery self buffed. Should I be using Sudden Death, or is my haste still too low for that ? I seem to be having rage issues in that I blow it too fast when I use FS, but SD seems to be a dps loss for me.


Rotation using Furious Strikes


Reckless macro


Bezerker if Bloodthirst didn't crit (somehow)

Ws, RB, WS



Use talents when off CD and use procs of WS immediately.

Repeat until dead.


Any more WS and I usually run out of rage.


Is this a solid rotation ? 

If SD is better, what would a good rotation for SD be ?


Finally: Does Thok's tail tip and the Legendary cloak make up for a significant portion of damage ? I probably wont be able to get the cloak, as I am still on Sigils. 


While I know that we are very late into the expansion, I am more concerned that my damage is low more out of bad habits rather than gear. I want to be as prepared for WoD as I can. 



Thanks in advance.




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Good Day Sir,


im not much of an expert because i resubbed WoW a few weeks ago but I try to help you.


The Legendary Cloak and Gem does a good portion of your damage. I dont have it and the other Warriors in my raidguild did 7-11% of their damage with it.


1 Warrior was so heavily leading in every boss fight that i really questioned my skills but he got 2 warforged weapons and better gear overall, so I hope its not only my fault :D .


Thoks trinket does play a huge role too, I mean the +Crit Damage is always good, especially for Warriors now with the  ~50% Crit Chance.


Personally I would go for Sudden Death. Just try it out and see how it goes. I just alternate between Dragons Roar/ Storm Bolt and Bladestorm/Blood Bath.


So all in all, Im in the same boat as you and question my skill, but seriously we shouldnt bother. WoD is nearly there and we should try to have some fun and learn more in the expansion.


Im 100% sure they rebalance Warrior at lvl 100 again so why try too hard now?


Enchants and Gems look good overall, but personally I wouldnt use so much haste gems. 11% Haste Raidbuffed is enough.


Best Regards

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Do not use StormBolt, its not worth it... :'( go with DragonRoar ( even Juggernaut fight )

And i guess you have not enough haste, that SuddenDeath is worth the pick...

In fights without AoE pick Bloodbath, in Fights with some AoE its better to go with BladeStorm(if adds do not die instantly)


and yeah, without legendary, thok and meta its possible that your dmg is pretty low.

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