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My toon is currently CRAP because of the recommendations from Mr. Robot, yet you recommend them.  Why?  You both contradict each other in stat priority and gemming. 


Last night, in a mythic raid, my BM hunter who is 582 was out dps'd by an MM hunter who is 571!  are you kidding me right now?  Don't even go to the "how do you play your rotation" thing.  I've been #1-#3 DPS in all heroic (now mythic level) raids for months. I know how to play my toon.


So here's the breakdown so far in contradictory stat priorities.  Forget enchants, forget gems (a whole other cluster you know what) for stat priority alone for BM, the sites have vastly different opinions.  Give me facts, actual numbers, what is your source, because somebody is making some stuff up somewhere.


mr. robot   Agi > Crit > Haste > Multi > Mastery 

icy-veins  Multistrike; Agility; Versatility; Critical Strike; Mastery; Haste.

noxxic   Agility > Multistrike > Versatility > Mastery > Crit > Haste


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The problem with following any published stat weights anywhere is that they're dependent on what your stats currently are. For most classes in 6.0 Haste looks like it's the best stat, but it drops off in value very quickly, like around 400-600 rating for all the classes I play, after which its just about useless. If you were to run a sim on a character with 0 haste on gear though the stat weight on it will look amazing.


For BM crit/mastery are almost equal. so once again going back to the sims, if you sim a character profile that already has really high crit then Mastery is going to get weighted higher. If the build has really low crit then Crit may get weighted higher. between those two stats I wouldn't even worry about the minuscule differences, but thats the reason we're slightly different from Noxxic. the actual normalized stat weight is like 1.56 vs. 1.60


To get perfect infallible stat weights for your character you need to sim your character. Stat weights are much more dynamic now than they have ever been.


Also you should link your armory and some logs if you want help. There's plenty more than just your rotation that can affect dps. I went from #4-5 dps in our raids last week doing 15k dps on average, to #10-12 dps this week doing 17k dps all because our kill times this week were all 1-2 minutes, and every other class in our raid has a much stronger initial burst than me.

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So, let's discard Multistrike and Versatility, because they are very hard to obtain right now. I have just been running a number of sims and Critical Strike is always the clear winner, and Haste and Mastery are always extremely close.

So, Icy Veins and Ask Mr. Robot aren't making things up, it just makes no difference whether you go for Mastery or Haste, after Crit. I don't get how Noxxic can tell people to prioritize Mastery over Crit, though.

Another issue to consider is that you and the other Hunter are not playing the same spec. The Tier16 Mythic profile for BM Hunter currently sims at 17.5k DPS, while the MM Hunter with equivalent gear sims at 18.5k DPS. So, it could very well be the case that it's your spec that is underperforming, not you.

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