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Level 60 Player Dies to Alt-Tabbing in Classic Hardcore

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We're looking at a very unfortunate player death in Classic Hardcore that occurred at Level 60 due to alt-tabbing.

Classic Hardcore is all about keeping your character alive. You have one chance and that's it. However, we've got some players who test their luck until it has deadly consequences.

Graysfordays had a Druid parked in stealth near whelp eggs in a raid while playing his alt.

However, when the player tabbed back to the Druid, stealth got interrupted and he got attacked and eventually killed by a bunch of whelps. Here's the death clip with his final moments.

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I feel like if you're in bear form with no heals and going down in HP you're kinda in a losing situation. Wonder what the best play is? Dash out? Obv grays is on the wrong side of the gate due to alt-tabbing probably. Still what do you do if you're out in the world and facing this?

Trying to cast is pushback nightmare. Throw a juv and dash?

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