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[Frost] 6.0.2 SimCraft's APL

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Hello, guys! Would you mind to explain me please this row:




Particularly, why cooldown.icy_veins.remains>45? What do we do when cooldown<45 and why? Thanks!

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It casts frozen orb if you don't have the prismatic crystal talent, also less than 2 FoF since Frozen Orb generates one (No waste) and IF icy veins's cooldown has more than 45 seconds remaining.


Basically you want to save your frozen orb for you next Icy Veins cooldown. Your Icy Veins should be ready for every 3rd frozen orb if you are doing your rotation correctly.


Here is a timeline if you can understand it:

0:00 = Icy Veins + Frozen Orb

1:00 = Frozen Orb (cooldown.icy_veins.remains = 120)  

2:00 = Frozen Orb (cooldown.icy_veins.remains = 60)

3:00 = Icy Veins + Frozen Orb

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