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ABD on Sargeras Server is now recruiting for WoD. We are currently 5/14 Heroic Mode SoO, but we got a late start to raiding, as many of us came back around Jan.

Who we are:
Many of our raid core have been playing off and on since Vanilla and have extensive raid experience. We have formed a very close personal bond with each other, and raid very well together. We are seeking like minded individuals that will add to our team as we build up for mythic raiding in WoD. We Recently transferred from the ED server in the hopes of finding more like minded individuals to join us.

What We are looking for:
We are looking for players that are laid back but not lazy, individuals that can follow directions and aren't opposed to criticism. Someone who can grasp their class, but still leave room for improvement with helpful advice from other raid team members. Someone that is not going to flake out on us, we have seen a lot of this lately.

All applicants interested must be aware that these spots are for when WoD hits. We are not interested in power gearing someone up for Siege, we have done that, and it is the end of the expansion. We have stopped raiding progression to take a break before the Xpac hits, and have been doing fun things like getting mounts and doing achievements on raid nights.

These are the Class and specs we are looking for in Wod:

Balance Druid

Holy Paladin

Ret Paladin

If you are interested in applying or talking to us, Copy & paste the link below to our website.


Our Raid times currently:

Or contact myself, Anjinn #1238 or send a mail.

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