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Jeep Crash Into Power Line Almost Takes Out Hardcore Character

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Here's another pretty crazy Classic Hardcore story, except this one has nothing to do with the in-game part!

Disconnect deaths are nothing new and are pretty standard in the Hardcore community. Router resets, internet provider outages, bad routing and the rest are common, with power outages a little less so but just as deadly. Well, this particular player almost suffered from the latter during a dramatic fight with a regular spider outside Loch Modan.

It was only a level 10 so not that terrible even if it did die but, as Toufles found out after the fact, the reason their power was cut is... very specific.


And to top it all off, they even had a UPS backup so their power wasn't cut at all, but the internet was!  Luckily only the Voidwalker died defending their master, and the Warlock survived the spider's attack thanks to a quick mobile hotspot switch! Luckily the driver that crashed into the power pole was also ok, so a very happy ending.

Here's the full story:

So... watch out for jeeps I guess?

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    • By Starym
      Things are getting even more dangerous in Classic Hardcore, as even bank alts sitting in capital cities are not safe anymore!
      Creating bank alts is a very common way of helping yourself out in Hardcore. If/when your main character dies you can soften the blow if you offload some gold and other useful mats to a bank alt. This is increasingly useful the higher level your main gets, as you get more and more gear and gold to set up for your next character.
      Well, even that safety net is being attacked! Recently players have been losing their bank alts to some very sneaky griefers. There are several ways of starting an alt massacre in the capital cities, with very specific effects and some items in the game being able to spawn enemies. I'm not going to go into how it's done since it's a pretty terrible thing to do.
      Here's one such massacre, as spotted by Ethereal_Bulwark:
      That particular mob was only level 22, but that's still a pretty big threat to low level bank alts. This griefing practice has been spreading, as some players even suggest fleeing to other cities!

      So make sure to either only very quickly log your bank alts, get them to a "safe" city or, you know, level them to 20+!
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have issued a statement regarding the recent EU server lag and their efforts to fix it. It seems while they did try to address it, the fixes did not work (yet), so you should be very careful when playing Hardcore on EU realms this weekend. These issues are not affecting all players, however, but even a mild lag could be the difference between life and death. 
      Lag (Source)
      Hi all,
      Just a quick update before we head into the weekend:
      While we initially saw some improvements following last nights work and restarts, things appear to have become progressively worse again and troubleshooting continues.
      In terms of in-game messaging it is being considered, though keep in mind not everyone is affected and a generic message about potentially running into issues is already true at all times. Having warnings appear and disappear might simply create unrealistic expectations about when it is and isn’t “safe” to play.
      As for rolling back or reviving dead characters we’ve tried our best to be as clear as possible from the very start that it’s not something we will consider, which remains the case.
      I understand losing characters to any technical issue is disappointing, but for purpose of keeping this thread useful for the ongoing work to address the issue, please try to keep the discussion to currently experienced symptoms – and thank you to those already contributing with this info!
      Stay safe for now and hopefully the underlying issue can be finally addressed soon!
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      Blizzard have shared a known bug with Ouro in AQ40, and issued a warning to Hardcore players to not attempt the boss. Said bug can actually spawn a second copy of the boss during the encounter, and would very likely cost all the raiders their character's lives! 
      Known Issues (Source)
      The known issues post above was just updated with two new issues relating to Ouro in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. We wanted to highlight specifically here to raise awareness of these issues for groups on Hardcore realms attempting this boss. One of these bugs has a very high liklihood to cause a raid wipe.
      Ouro may sometimes fail to re-engage the raid after a wipe. Ouro may spawn an additional copy of himself after coming out of a submerge phase. Developer’s Note: We strongly advise not attempting Ouro on hardcore realms until this is resolved as this is likely a guaranteed wipe if this occurs. We hope to be able to identify a fix for this very soon.
    • By Starym
      The buff from the Onyxia head quest is quite a tradition in WoW, but it's not really been that relevant/popular for a while now, even with Classic. However, Hardcore is changing all of that, and then some!
      Classic Hardcore has been pretty popular in general, but players may not have expected quite this level of overcrowding in Stormwind! Professional-Ad-7405 came upon the massive gathering of players, even getting their FPS down to under 15! With the challenges of Hardcore, the Onyxia buff with its 140 attack power and 10% melee/5% ranged crit is very welcome and it seems very sought after! It also may or may not make players overconfident and lead to their deaths after it wears off. That's not a personal story at all!!1

      Source: Onyxia buff in Hardcore.
      Scenes like this weren't uncommon back when Classic launched either, and this particular one is from the Defias Pillager server. Players generally find out about the incoming buffs from Classic streamers and gather for them. Some buffs actually get lost due to the quest completing on a layer that had the 6-hour cooldown active, meaning it did not go out at all.
      It's great to see the bustle in the streets like this, and as Articulated mentioned in the reddit thread, it truly is awesome to see a massive crowd welcome a band of adventurers come in with a dragon's head after they defeated it.
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      Vitochie, the world's first player who reached Level 60 in Hardcore and recently died to an AoE pull in Zul'Gurub, died again. This time, in Zul'Farrak. RIP.
      The World First Level 60 Hardcore Mage died at Level 48 when his tank got crowd controlled and trash mobs aggroed the DPS in the group who all ran away from the tank.
      Placeholder for tweet 1702336401101214156
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