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Arachyr Angry Chicken Witch Doctor

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Some inconsistencies in the build, especially on the Gear page.

First paragraph states to take all six Arachyr items (and the item slots reflect this, too - no RoRG is included). However, the very next paragraph you should take Mask of Jeram and/or Depth Diggers to replace a piece, and put the other in the Cube. 

Both seem viable options - RoRG instead of CoE, one of these two worn and the other in the place of Aquila in the cube would give higher damage but less survivability. I'm not in a position right now to try which combination would play more easily. 

Since minmaxers are so in love with CoE it might even be possible to drop the RoE instead, and replace Locust with something else entirely, though I think that's not as easy to play.

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