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The Most Popular Specializations for Mythic+ in Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Week 2

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We're looking at the most popular specializations for Mythic+ during the second week of Patch 10.1.7.


The following post is based on data taken from our sister site u.gg, which has combined thousands of parses from live servers.

The Most Popular Specializations for Mythic+ (Patch 10.1.7 Week 2)

This week's affixes are Tyrannical, Entangling, Bursting.

The Most Popular DPS Specializations

  1. Augmentation Evoker - 27.9%
  2. Shadow Priest - 14.3%
  3. Fire Mage - 6.6%
  4. Retribution Paladin - 5.5%
  5. Fury Warrior - 4.1%
  6. Balance Druid - 3.7%
  7. Beast Mastery Hunter - 3.6%
  8. Enhancement Shaman - 3.2%
  9. Destruction Warlock - 2.6%
  10. Frost Mage - 2.6%
  11. Subtlety Rogue - 2.3%
  12. Windwalker Monk - 2.0%
  13. Arcane Mage - 1.8%
  14. Havoc Demon Hunter - 1.7%
  15. Feral Druid - 1.6%
  16. Marksmanship Hunter - 1.6%
  17. Arms Warrior - 1.6%
  18. Outlaw Rogue - 1.5%
  19. Frost Death Knight - 1.5%
  20. Demonology Warlock - 1.5%
  21. Affliction Warlock - 1.5%
  22. Assassination Rogue - 1.5%
  23. Elemental Shaman - 1.5%
  24. Unholy Death Knight - 1.4%
  25. Devastation Evoker - 1.4%
  26. Survival Hunter - 1.4%


    The Most Popular Tanks

    1. Guardian Druid - 53.7%
    2. Blood Death Knight - 13.1%
    3. Vengeance Demon Hunter - 10.0%
    4. Protection Paladin - 92.%
    5. Brewmaster Monk 7.8%
    6. Protection Warrior - 6.2%


    The Most Popular Healers

    1. Holy Paladin - 47.6%
    2. Discipline Priest 17.1%
    3. Restoration Shaman - 9.7%
    4. Restoration Druid - 8.3%
    5. Holy Priest - 6.8%
    6. Mistweaver Monk - 5.9%
    7. Preservation Evoker - 4.5%


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