[EU-Kazzak][H]<Midnight Express> [14/14 HC (Pre 6.0)] Night guild 22:30-1:00 LFM

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Midnight Express recruiting for mythic progression!

Basic info:
* Faction: Horde
* Server: Kazzak
* Guild Name: Midnight Express
* Contact: Efendi#2678 (GM), Luniwenor#2921
* Guild type: PvE, Semi Hardcore
* Raid time and days: 22:30-1:00 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
* URL: http://midnight-express.wowlaunch.com/
* Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Midnight+Express
* Recruiting: Skilled and mature players of any class. Specially need healers at that moment.

About Us:

Midnight Express is an old guild originally founded in 2009 on the Balnazzar server and then moved in 2011 to Kazzak.  Our over-arching goal is to experience and master the high-end content in WoW that is only possible to achieve with a highly skilled and motivated group of players working together. The majority of the guild are working adults with successful careers/family outside WoW. Attitude, maturity, respect, loyalty, tolerance and sense of humour are traits that distinguish us.

What we expect from all guild members:
* Attendance - Being able to attend at least 2 of 3 raids a week
* Connection - Stable PC with high-speed internet
* Gear - The best PvE enchants and gems, nice looking transmogrification smile.png
* Preparation - Flasks, food and potions are the minimum but we also expect that members will read about new encounters before the raid and understand their specific role in any given fight
* Communication - The ability to fully understand spoken English and use Ventrilo during raids
* Performance - Being able to handle criticism (even if it's harsh) and take feedback on your performance in order to improve
* Maturity - Control over one's emotions, friendliness, team play, dedication for raiding
* Patience - Yes we wipe a lot! Only through hard work and wiping can you kill end game bosses in WoW
* Discipline - Follow the tactics even if you don't fully agree with raid leader, speak your mind between the wipes or after the raid but not during a pull
* Experience - Extensive raid history and hunger for progress

What can you expect from us:
* Raiding - Stable raiding with experienced and mature people
* Progress - Slow but steady smile.png
* Loot - Distributed via loot council based on the largest gain to the guild as a whole.
* Atmosphere - We are trying to keep a good atmosphere within the guild and activities outside of main raids (like achievements farming, PvP, CMs and so on)
* Tolerance - Willingness to accept member's personal problems and real life situations (irl > wow)


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Bump. We need fresh blood for mythic progression.
We are looking for:
Healers: Monk / Druid / Paladin / Priest
Ranged DPSers: Hunter / Mage / Ele Shammy / Moonkin / Shadow Priest

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Currently we are looking for:
Healers: Monk / Druid / Paladin / Priest
Ranged DPSers:  Ele Shammy / Moonkin

Tank: DK / Monk / Druid

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