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Full October Trading Post Rewards and Activities (Official)

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We've seen the preview, now let's see the rest! Here comes the full October Trading Post roster, including all the Tander-giving activities. We have the new class set rotation which includes DKs, DHs and Druids, in addition to 2 mounts, 1 pet and toy, a whole lot of weapon transmogs and more!

Blizzard LogoOctober (Source)

Get a little spooky and maybe a little ooky with this month’s Trading Post offerings. Take a magical ride with this month’s signature item—Eve’s Ghastly Rider mount—and show off your class pride with new Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Druid sets.

Visit T&W** (Tawney and Wilder) just outside the Mage District in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out all the latest items*** they have available.

Ride the Final Surge to the Finish

This month, new activities are available to help players catch up on their activity bar. These events will begin one week before the end of the month.

Here’s What’s in Stock for October

Class Armor Sets and Weapon Sets

Death Knight
Demon Hunter


High Scholar's Grand Staff
Item Type: Staff
Cost: 500 Trader's Tender

This Month’s Bonus Reward

Eve’s Ghastly Rider Mount

Complete activities to fill the bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J)***, and you’ll receive this month’s bonus reward— Eve’s Ghastly Rider mount. You’ll cackle with glee as you sweep by your foes.


Title Description Travel Points
Create A Shadowflame Crest Collect Shadowflame Crest fragments and create any type of Shadowflame   Crest. 30
Obtain Flightstones   100
Loot Treasure Chests in Niffen Caves Loot treasure chests while exploring caves alongside a niffen companion   in Zaralek Cavern. 200
Complete 1 Time Rift Complete a Time Rift in Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus on the Dragon   Isles. 50
Complete 5 Time Rifts Complete a Time Rift in Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus on the Dragon   Isles. 150
Complete 3 Waking Dreams Complete Waking Dream events in the Dreamsurged zones around the Dragon   Isles. 50
Complete 15 Waking Dreams Complete Waking Dream events in the Dreamsurged zones around the Dragon   Isles. 100
Collect 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence Collect Dreamsurge Coalescence from activities in Dreamsurged zones   around the Dragon Isles. 100
Collect 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence Collect Dreamsurge Coalescence from activities in Dreamsurged zones   around the Dragon Isles. 150
Defeat Rare Elites Empowered by the   Dreamsurge Defeat rare elites in the currently Dreamsurged zone of the Dragon Isles. 100
Earn Reputation Throughout the Dragon   Isles   70
Complete Dragonriding Courses on the   Dragon Isles Speak to a Bronze Timekeeper on the Dragon Isles. 100
Complete a Dragonriding Challenge Course   on the Dragon Isles Speak to a Bronze Timekeeper on the Dragon Isles. 25
Complete 5 Dragonriding Challenge Courses   on the Dragon Isles Speak to a Bronze Timekeeper on the Dragon Isles. 50
Complete Advanced Dragonriding Races on   the Dragon Isles Complete Advanced dragonriding races in the Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran   Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus. 100
Darkmoon Faire (October 1-October 7)



Travel Points

Speak with a Restless Spirit

Talk to a ghost on the Darkmoon Faire island.


3 Secrets Found Complete  Secrets of Azeroth quests or discover related secrets. 100
Wear a Fish Head to the Dungeons Use the Dungeon Finder tool to complete a dungeon while wearing a Severed Crimsonscale Head or Severed Azurefin Head fished up on the Darkmoon Faire island. 100
Brewfest (October 1-October 6)



Travel Points

Participate in a Chowdown



Great Gnomeregan Run (October 14)



Travel Points

Participate in the Great Gnomeregan Run

Join the footrace at New Tinkertown in Dun Morogh.


Complete the Great Gnomeregan Run as a Level 10 or Under Gnome in a Pink Shirt Join the footrace at New Tinkertown in Dun Morogh as a level 1-10 gnome or mechagnome while wearing a Pink Mageweave Shirt. 150
Hallow's End (October 18-October 31)



Travel Points

Repeatedly Defeat The Headless Horseman

Defeat The Headless Horseman again and again.


Defeat The Headless Horseman with All 4 Wicker Men Curses Defeat The Headless Horseman after accepting all 4 curses from the Wicker Men. 100
Bob for Apples with a Hallow's End mask Bob for apples while wearing a Hallow's End mask. 50
Visit Candy Buckets while in War Mode Collect Handful of Treats from Candy Buckets around the world while in War Mode. 50
Visit Candy Buckets in the Dragon Isles Collect Handful of Treats from Candy Buckets in the Dragon Isles. 50
Visit Candy Buckets in Pandaria Collect Handful of Treats from Candy Buckets in Pandaria. 50
Complete 5 Hallow's End Daily Quests   100
Complete 15 Hallow's End Daily Quests   150



Travel Points

Win 1 PvP Pet Battle



Win 5 PvP Pet Battles -- 100
Win 1 PvP Pet Battle with Undead Pets Win 1 PvP Pet Battle using at least 2 undead pets 50
Defeat Pandaria Master Tamers Defeat 3 Pandaria Master Tamers. 100



Travel Points

Fulfill Crafting Orders

Speak to a crafting orders clerk at the Artisan's Market in Valdrakken.


Complete Weekly Gathering Quests

Speak to a profession trainer at the Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken


Catch Fish in Pandaria   100



Travel Points

Defeat a Dragon Isles World Boss



Defeat 5 Raid Bosses



Defeat 20 Raid Bosses   100
Defeat 25 Dungeon Bosses Defeat dungeon bosses that grant experience. 100
Title Description Travel Points
Complete 10 Quests Complete quests that grant experience. 100
Complete 25 Quests Complete quests that grant experience. 100
Complete 50 Quests Complete quests that grant experience. 100
Complete 5 World Quests   50
Complete 10 World Quests   50
Complete 25 World Quests   100
Complete Dragonriding World Quests in the   Forbidden Reach Speak to a Bronze Timekeeper on the Dragon Isles. 100
Complete Quests in Pandaria Complete quests that grant experience in Pandaria. 150
Title Description Travel Points
/cackle at a Forsaken player Emote /cackle at a Forsaken player. 50
Tend to your Farm at Sunsong Ranch Till the soil of Sunsong Ranch at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four   Winds. 50
Reach Level 30 Level up any character to level 30. 25
Reach Level 40 Level up any character to level 40. 25
Reach Level 50 Level up any character to level 50. 25
Reach Level 60 Level up any character to level 60. 25
Reach Level 20 Level up any character to level 20. 25
Reach Level 70 Level up any character to level 70. 25

How it Works

Get Tender Every Month

At the first of each month, players with an active account in good standing will receive 500 Trader’s Tender automatically every month from a chest called the Collector’s Cache. If you don’t have active game time on your account or aren’t a subscriber at the start of a new month, don’t worry. Your Tender will be awarded on the first day of the month when you do have game time or an active subscription. This will be the same amount for everyone, regardless of how you pay for your game time.

The Traveler's Log

Complete monthly activities listed in the new Traveler’s Log. Each month features a rotating, themed set of activities. These activities provide the opportunity to earn up to 500 additional Trader’s Tender. There’s only a set amount of Tender you can earn each month through completing activities, so you won’t need to complete all the ones in the log each month. You’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of fun in-game activities to easily earn Tender. Players can choose to earn by continuing to play the game as they already do, such as completing quests, competing in battlegrounds, participating in holiday activities, and even running Mythic+ dungeons. But you can also choose to take part in activities uniquely designed for the month.

Freeze an Item

Before the month comes to an end, if you haven’t purchased that one “must-have” item yet, don’t worry. You can “freeze” an item so you can purchase it later. When you freeze an item, it will stay available month over month until it is purchased or replaced.

If this month’s offerings didn’t have the items you wanted, you can hang on to your Trader’s Tender to spend later. It won’t go anywhere, and unspent Tender will continue to accumulate each month.

What a Tender Moment

As a way of saying “Thank you” to the community for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us, we are awarding a bonus 500 Trader’s Tender to players who purchase Dragonflight and add it to their account.  This bonus Trader’s Tender will also be rewarded retroactively to players who have already purchased Dragonflight. Players can collect this bonus Trader’s Tender from their Collector’s Cache.

Learn more about the Trading Post in our previously published news post on the official site.

*The Trading Post feature is not available in WoW Classic titles.
**Requires World of Warcraft Subscription or Game Time
***Requires Level 10 to access the Adventure Guide.
  †Bonus Trader’s Tender is granted only once per Battle.net account.

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Uncommon Patron

I like the colored scarves & I like the "tattered" feathery cloaks of plain color (not for every toon, but for some).

I find the "hid my ponytail in a hoodie" hat silly, and the cloak of plain color with the straight line cut off is... meh, I guess it's OK.

Sadly, they bucket those pairs in the opposite order.

Freezing Your Option Beware - make sure to buy the frozen one before freezing a different one.   Don't make the mistake my guildie did.

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mhh not that great to be honest.

its spooky month but there is not enough halloween stuff in there. the broom is awesome but other then that there is only the witch hat wich is kinda lame.

why no silly costumes why noothing pumpkin themet. we already got a christmas sword leaked that the stuff i want for halloween.


i swear if we get like a fully on christmass themed trading post in december i will be so mad 

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