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Ok. So currently  I am iLVL 569.  my toons name is thinkoftwo-stormrage.


current stats  47.57%=Crit     21.35%=Haste    33.78%=Mastery  3.00% =Versatility

0.00%= Multistrike.
I am currently only doing around 12-14 k dps.. I am wondering if that dps is to low for my ilvl.... am i currently not gemming right . I mostly gemmed crit still and i dont know if i should gem haste more or mastery.  and  my last question is am i geared enough to try mythical.
I do thank you for your time  and effort in helping me out.


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If you want to see how to properly gem, I'd encourage you to run your warrior through SimulationCraft making sure you analyze stats to obtain your personal stat weights. Once that's done, you can use said stat weights in Ask Mr. Robot and it'll tell you how to gem and enchant according to your results.


Just going off in-game experience I'd say you're doing well enough @ 569 ilvl; you're above 12K DPS which is more than the majority of warriors at that ilvl that I've personally seen (My main is also on Stormrage). Sure, you can probably come out with more but that's done with practice and optimization tailored to your specific warrior.


As noted by Illogic, however, we cannot tell you anything more until we see some logs. At that point we can look into your rotation, buffs, resource management, etc. Make sure, when logging your fights, to have Advanced Combat Logging enabled.


Good hunting.

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