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Combat log for a Demo lock

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Just need some advice to increase DPS. This old man (45) wants back in the game. LOL


armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Rascalrabbit/advanced





Was going to try DEMO tonight during raiding too. During the above fights the 4 mythic items were not on the toon.



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I would recommend staying destro, it's easy to pick up and competitive at all levels to play. In my guild I was consistently 1st-3rd on damage last week on all fights with the majority of the time being 1st.




http://tinyurl.com/n5edqy8 <-- my protectors log for comparison


You need to 1) use Dark Soul consistently and 2) use Chaos Bolts when you have procs. No Dark Soul usage on this fight at all on yours. Look at my logs, whenever I have a proc I am always using an ember consumer. This is why my ember consumers are the majority of my damage.


Immolate uptime needs to be near 100% on all bosses on cleave. Your uptime of 56% suggests it's only on every so often and probably only one target. Take my 99.76% uptime, you really should have it as a high priority instead of a filler spell.


Rain of Fire is a single target increase and gets insane with multiple targets. This is certainly something to get used to but 5% uptime makes me assume you don't think it's important to use often on principle.


Really, best thing you can do for yourself is read the Destro guide here and maybe others if you need solidification. Come back after reading them over a few times and we can look at what you improved on and what can still use work.

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Welcome back! On the logs front, there are some glaring issues.

1. Immolation uptime is abysmall. 60% on Sha, 47% on IJ, etc. With the removal of snapshottibg this should be easier. Keep this up 100% of the time...Always. It does decent damage as our sole DoT, but more importantly it builds Embers and with it up oblybfor half a fight, that is a decent amount of emberbits lost.

2. Chaos Bolt timing and overall casts. It looks like you are attempting to cast chaos bolt under procs which is good so continue that. Chaos Bolt should be cast when either trinkets proc + Dark soul. Dark Soul should always be used with PBoI and with the AD talents you are free to use that second charge during execute or a random KTT proc throughout the fight. Also, make sure you are still casting Chaos Bolt before you cap 4 embers. You only had 4 Chaos Bolt casts on Sha which tells me you definitely were capped at 4 embers for a period. I still find it ideal to cast the occasional CB when that 3rd ember fills and we get a 4pc proc. This is our most important damage mechanic. Learn to chaos bolt properly and your damage will come up a good bit.

3. Keep practicing Havocing the right targets and shadowburning. On protectors, galakras, Sha, etc. There are numerous Havoc oppurtunities to bolster dps by casting double chaos bolts or shadowburns under strong trinket effects. You can also use Havoc to build embers quicker also. You will just have to gauge which is more important. Protectors or shamans with shared health pools, I like to use Havoc for empowered CBs or SBs. On Klaxxi or Garrosh weapons I like to use it to build embers for more CBs into main kill targets.

4. Go read the Destroy 5.4 guide and 6.0 transition guide. Not much has changed with Destro since 5.4 and Zag and others put a ton of good information in there to up your #s quickly. This is crucial. Go read those, find a dummy, practice for 30 minutes and watch your dps come up.

5. Enjoy and best of luck.

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Your logs suggest NUMEROUS mechanical critical errors.  There are so many things wrong that it's not really worth highlighting each issue with detail.


Your DoT uptimes are suboptimal.

Your Chaos Bolt usage is suboptimal.

Your spell usage is out of order.

Your cooldowns are not used on cooldown.


Be sure to spend some time reading the guides and applying the new knowledge at some raid dummies.  Seeing you at 6k DPS on Sha of Pride with all the cleaving opportunities is troubling. 

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Focusing on those is a really good plan.  That will have a far bigger impact on DPS than having those mythic pieces, and I would just like to mention, that even if you switch to Demo, you would have similar issues.


If DOT uptime is bad in Destro, it very likely would be in Demo also (Possibly even worse, having 2 dots to manage)

If CD usage is bad in Destro, it would likely be the same in Demo.

If Chaos bolt usage is suboptimal, fury usage in Demo would likely be suboptimal also.


Each warlock spec is different, but these core play issues are common among the specs.  Dots, Cds and resource usage.

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