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Soloing LK Waiting a Long time

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I'am trying to do the Lich King achievement Waiting A long Time solo and with a friend but my pet seems to be a problem.


Firstly I deselected all my pets abilities, I used the Spirit Bond talent and have used different pets from a spirit beast to a nether ray to a plains strider.

They all seem to burn the adds down to quick and get the Lich King below 70% so he enters the next phase.


So I moved my pet near the Lich King with attack off only to have the LK run past him and straight at me so I enabled attack and then everything got wasted.

I tried starting on attack to get agro then changing to passive but that only brought my pet back to me.


I'am using misdirect and the glyph on my pet so once he attacks he has agro but his just burning everything down to quick.


So two ideas I have is I'am only 525 but maybe wear less armour to maybe around the 500 mark so I have less mastery so wont have my pet do as much dps.

Or plan b is can I just have my pet sit there after I've moved him and just hit him with misdirect so he has agro and hopefully doesnt attack anything?

What is the easiest way to do this, just hit the move pet button?


I can heal him easily enough so thats not an issue, I just need him to sit there and keep agro so we can get the 30 plague stacks up and get the achievement so I/we can get our mount.


I did watch the Hunter solo video on Youtube but he didnt go into this part.


Any suggestions would be great. 

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This place is a gold mine of tips and tricks for hunter soloing, and just about everything else fr that matter.  The first is a direct link to the achievement, the second is a more table of contents.  Do note that these were done awhile ago, so we don't have all of the abilities that he does in the video, but it's still a great guide.

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First put your pet at the center of the room, on stay, and on passive.  When the Lich King is attackable, misdirect it to your pet (which is still on passive and not attacking).  Move to near the stairs and feign death.  


Wait until 3 shambling horrors are spawned, then run into the pile of adds.  Once you get plague, and it falls off, disengage back towards the stairs, move back a bit further, and feign death again.  


Wait until there are 30+ stacks up (tab around to check) and when there is, put the pet to attack, AOE everything down, and kill Arthas.  It's boring, but it's dead simple.


For the record, I do this as BM, with a spirit beast set as tenacity.  My pet takes so little damage, it doesn't go below 98%, and neither do I.


Edit:  Did this on 10 man last week, and 25 man an hour ago.  Easy as can be.

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