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I've been playing the beta extensively and I found that ability_priest_angelicfeather.jpgAviana's Feather to be an invaluable item. This is the closest thing you can get to a flying mount.


The item is a reward from Aviana's Request, one of the daily dungeon quests you can get from the Inn in your Garrison. On a 10-minute cooldown, it launches you very high in the air and then allows you to glide until you touch the ground. While gliding, you travel as fast as on a flying mount, so you can cover great distances (you can easily cross an entire zone), allowing you to greatly speed up travel time. This is especially useful with all the Garrison quests and tasks that require you to run around Draenor.


achievment_boss_spineofdeathwing.jpg"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System is a similar item that you can sometimes get from the Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin Workshop in your Garrison. It is not as good as the Aviana's Feather, because it has 2 charges, after which time it disappear, but you can use it twice in a row: once to get to a high point, and a second time to cross almost all of Draenor.


Given the amount of traveling we'll have to do in Draenor, I thought it be worth sharing.

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