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Ive always liked  tanking + dpsing (feral) and normally share gear as I gear up slowly get myself into two separate sets.  


I'm not well geared at the moment - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/terokkar/Lüz/advanced


I am now coming up blank when it comes to how to gem items that i currently share for both feral and guardian, I used to just gem mostly agi, only putting in crit gems in items that only my bear uses and mastery for kitty.

Now with changes to primary stats, Kitty requiring Crit and not Mastery and Bear requiring Mastery not Crit.  I'm at a loss to what to gem into on shared peices of loot.


I realise that its not perfect to share loot and I don't care about being the best out there, but I would still like to be effective.




So basically what I'm asking is what stats are more important for which, if I don't take any crit on my kitty will i do rubbish dps and likewise if i take little mastery on my bear will I just die in seconds.  Is there a way to use one gem for both sets.  or do i just have to gem everything as Crit/Mastery? or stick to agi even?


One final little question... I looked on the stat weightings on Ask Mr Robot. It says for Feral Agi is over twice as effective as other secondary stats,  Is this old data?


Thanks for any help.


Regards x


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The best bet for gemming dual gear set-ups is to use Agility.  You will be trading off a bit of damage for cat and a bit of survivability for bear.


As for AMR:

If you don't use your character's customized stat weights, AMR WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG!

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Thats wonderful thank you very much. 
Alright I wasn't sure if AMR had been updated or no. I will just ignore it for now. 


Thanks again. x

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I sat out all of 5.4, so when I came back to try out 6.0, I kept all of my crit gems in and tanked some instances with my 5.2 Throne of Thunder heroic gear for funsies. It is still a decent stat for Rage generation and damage, but the problem now is that you no longer get an additional multiplier for Haste or Crit on your gear in Guardian spec. Also, with only 80k health, I didn't exactly feel like I was the bad mama bear that I used to be. I switched to Mastery and Stamina gems, taking all socket bonuses, and felt a lot safer.


With that said, if you are primarily doing DPS, go ahead and gem the way you would for Feral. Shy of tanking heroic raids, you should be fine.

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