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Official 10.2: Guardians of the Dream Public Events Preview

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Here comes an official look at the Superbloom, Emerald Bounty and Emerald Frenzy public events coming in patch 10.2. We now know the patch arrives on November 7th/8th, so these events are getting pretty close! 

Blizzard Logo10.2 (Source)

The Guardians of the Dream update ushers in a new cycle of Public Events. Superbloom is the primary Public Event scenario in the Emerald Dream, alongside the Emerald Bounty, which has a series of micro-events triggered across the zone. Exercise your green thumb and help things grow, beat up baddies, and receive Emerald Dewdrops, event currency, to get rewards!

Help Put the “Super” in Superbloom

The Superbloom begins at the start of the hour, every hour. Once the event begins, Sprucecrown, an Ancient of Life, travels around Amirdrassil, the World Tree, starting a ritual to bloom life. Help him with various tasks, such as watering flowers, pulling weeds, and defending against Primalists who refuse to stand by while we empower the tree with life.

Let’s Get Blooming!

During the Superbloom event, earn Bloom that fills a bar at the top of the screen. Bloom is gained by helping critters and defending Sprucecrown by defeating Primalists intent on stopping him. The Primalists come in waves; slay enough of them, and you’ll summon their leader, the dragonkin, Marikke. Receive the main reward for completing the Superbloom once a week from a weekly quest given to you by Clarelle, Sprucecrown’s Dryad caretaker, regardless of how much Bloom was gathered. The more Bloom you earn, the higher the quality of some extra rewards you’ll gain when the Superbloom ends. Those in smaller groups will be awarded bonus Bloom, enabling them to reach higher reward tiers.

Dreaming of Dreamfruit

As Sprucecrown conducts his ritual, some trees will grow very rare and powerful Dreamfruit. These Dreamfruit will grant extraordinary powers to aid you during the event.Each Dreamfruit during the Superbloom has a unique pool of blessings to bestow. Some offer great powers to help in combat. Others offer powers to help progress the Superbloom to higher qualities of Bloom. Mix, match, and have fun! At first, you may only see one Dreamfruit and gain only one power. However, as you acquire more Renown with the Dream Wardens and learn more about the mysteries of the Dream, you can procure up to four available Dreamfruit, thereby gaining up to four powers.

Superbloom Rewards

Completing the Superbloom event rewards Emerald Dewdrop currency, gear such as the Arctic Warden’s Warplate (Plate), Crystalline Tender’s Warleathers (Leather), Frigid Conservator’s Regalia (Cloth), and Winter Forager’s Embrace (Mail), Dreamseeds (Small, Plump, or Gigantic), Drake Crests, Drakewatcher Manuscripts, and Reputation with the Dream Wardens.

The Wildlife Becomes Chaotic in The Emerald Frenzy


Twice an hour, a random area in the zone will become empowered with life energies for a short time, causing the wildlife to become Emerald Frenzied, and you must take them down! Doing so will award you Emerald Dewdrops. As enemies become more powerful, complete a bonus objective to earn extra Emerald Dewdrops, a Plump Dreamseed to be used in the Emerald Bounty event, and Slumbering Dream Fragments.

Exercise your Green Thumb in the Emerald Bounty


Defenders test their green thumbs by encouraging a seed to grow and gain rewards for the efforts once the seed blooms.

Planting Dreamseeds

Scattered throughout the zone are small patches of dirt. Plant any level of Dreamseed into any patch of dirt at any time to trigger the Emerald Bounty event. The higher the level of Dreamseed, the greater the rewards. As the flower grows, contribute Emerald Dewdrops or Dreamseeds (a Gigantic Dreamseed can only be planted by a player once a week).


While the seed grows, complete activities include chasing away critters bent on destroying all the hard work, pulling weeds, or taking out violent lashers. Doing so will award players more Emerald Dewdrops to contribute to the growing plant. Once the Dreamseed has matured into a beautiful flower, those who helped it grow will be rewarded.

Emerald Bounty Rewards

The rewards will vary based on the quality of the Dreamseed planted. Small Dreamseeds yield cosmetic armor, Plump Dreamseeds will reward you with companions to help you grow your Pet collection, while Gigantic Dreamseeds reward mounts.

  • Small Dreamseed: Bloomed Bark Warleathers (Leather), Ceremonial Jacaranda Regalia (Cloth), Embrace of the Dreamfused Skull (Mail), Overgrown Freyan Warplate (Plate)
  • Plump Dreamseed: Dustite, Elmer, Napps, Seedle, Snoots, and Snoozles
  • Gigantic Dreamseeds: Blossoming Dreamstag, Evening Sun Dreamsaber, Morning Flourish Dreamsaber, Rekindled Dreamstag, Snowfluff Dreamtalon, Springtide Dreamtalon
  • All Dreamseeds: Chance at a Winter Night Dreamsaber and Drake Crests if enough Emerald Dewdrops were contributed.

Give yourself a green thumbs-up, and help the garden grow when the Guardians of the Dream content update arrives.


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