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Holy pally healing tips

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I am looking to raid heal at level 100 with my paladin, since I already heal with a resto druid and disc priest, and was wondering what advice people would have for a novice paladin healer?

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The biggest thing I recommend is familiarizing yourself with your 'hopefully' already 90 Holy Paladin. Read the spellbook and group like-minded spells together. Since we are currently waiting on WoD, there's not a whole lot you can do in the time being until expansion release when we can finally max out to 100.


One big tip I can give now is that most classes are all familiar in nature now. The concept of low/high HP heals are similar and can be related to all the healing classes.


Also, remember you are a Paladin and have a few buttons to save your life.. Lay on Hands and Divine Shield will be a lot of fun.

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