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Finding the Flyhacking Bots Takeoff Spot, Killing Them, and Getting Them Stuck

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Despite the numerous banwaves occurring frequently, bots are always a part of WoW. However, those just blatantly cheating on top of being bots are particularly egregious. And so today we have a nice little moment of zen as we take a look at two players that decided to have some fun and farm them in two different ways.

The bots use flyhacking in EPL specifically to avoid other players and mobs so they can safely get to Stratholme, and you can pretty easily spot them in the skies:


But how do they get up there? Well, ReformedWiggles did a bit of investigative journalism and tracked down the bot take-off spot (and their destination)! Why exactly they use the tree there isn't completely clear, but it either helps them get the flyhack going or it helps them avoid Blizzard noticing that they just started flying. You'll have to click on the thread below as the video doesn't seem to want to autoplay.

Now that we know where they take off, let's take a look at a player doing something about it. Pezzed95 decided to become an anti-air tower and headed to the Plaguelands to take care of business, camping that liftoff tree!

And then there's a more elegant solution, as ImNotHard took a different approach and simply got the bots stuck instead, which means no resurrection!

Saw a warlock nuking bots flying, thought I'd show what I'm doing with them when they get to Stratholme (Mindcontrol them to the left of the gate and they get stuck)


Noble endeavors both, and thanks to everyone having some fun messing with bots!

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No matter how many bots they get rid of, it won't ever change. They just make new accounts and start the process over again. Using VPNs to circumvent IP bans, making it near impossible to actually stop them.

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On 10/28/2023 at 7:39 PM, Q said:

No matter how many bots they get rid of, it won't ever change. They just make new accounts and start the process over again. Using VPNs to circumvent IP bans, making it near impossible to actually stop them.

I don't think it's impossible I just don't think they want to give the effort. Look at how blatantly obvious this is. How is this impossible to detect? There's no way it's impossible to detect.

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