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Possibly the Worst Weapon Clipping Issue Ever?

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November's Trading post brought a lot of goodies, as usual, but Monks got a bit of a raw deal. One  item in particular has been causing a lot of backlash and player disappointment. A lot of WoW items, weapons in particular, have some serious clipping issues, but the Monk staff from this month's Trading Post clipping is truly on a whole new level of awful, and is possibly the worst case of clipping I've ever seen in the game.

Update: it seems there has been a fix, but not to the main clipping issue, with the staff now being held like the artifact weapon, but it's still a mess when sheathed, as Drokash reports:

Source: They've partially fixed the Trading Post Monk staff: It's now held like the Brewmaster artifact, though the keg clipping still currently persists.

Hopefully this indicates Blizzard are aware of the clipping issue as well as will try to fix it.

Original post continued:

The level of terrible varies from race to race, but the smaller ones are really getting a quite a faceful:

Source: Maragondi: Meh... It was foolish to hope for anything more.

Some races even get a whole second face out of it (this one kind of works for me to be honest, getting a whole Ogre Vulpera vibe)!

Source: EducationalLook4: Might have something on my face. Can't quite see what it is.

And then there's the full-face transformation:

Source: BlockadeShieldAddict: "Should we test this keg model in any way, shape, or form?" "Nah, ship it!"

Meanwhile Pandaren have a different problem, as they basically absorb the entire keg:

Source: Findrel_Underbakk: I regret my purchase :(

The issues are mostly due to the staff using a regular staff setup instead of the Monk artifact one, which sheathes over the shoulder instead of on the back. Hopefully Blizzard can address the clipping issue and change the sheathing type, as it is a pretty cool item and one of the highlights for the month.

Monks in general got a pretty raw deal this month it seems, as other items of theirs also have clipping issues.

Source: Turibald: The Monk’s Trading Post Helm clips with my hair.

Source: StylieSanson: Come on...

If you remember any worse clipping issues than the staff, do let me know in the comments!

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That's just monk life. Can't have fun things, can't have nice looking things, constantly outshined by every other class in every role despite having, mostly, fun gameplay.

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That's just crazy. The funny thing about it is that it is basically the same model as one of the artifact weapons for monks and the artifact doesn't clip.

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On 11/1/2023 at 7:40 PM, Q said:

That's just monk life. Can't have fun things, can't have nice looking things, constantly outshined by every other class in every role despite having, mostly, fun gameplay.

I know you're joking, but as someone who has mainly and only been playing as a monk ever since MoP for every tier I have to disagree. We have the most funnest things, some of the coolest looking things and nothing feels better than outshining other players who think Monks bring nothing to the table. You're right about the fun gameplay though, as that's the whole reason why I never really could get into an alt. None of the other classes give me as much joy as playing a monk. Even in my own raids people keep saying how monks aren't that great while I'm literally in the top 4 dps in pretty much every fight.

We monks don't have to deal with actual shitty things, we only have to deal with people who think we're stuck with shitty things. 😁

*Rolls away*

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