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Niix on YouTube??

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Okay everyone. I sat down tonight after a lot of debate and finally decided to create a YouTube channel. The reason being is because there is a severe lack of content from high level hunters and I'm going to seize the opportunity to start posting videos of high level content for hunters.


Now the reason I'm posting here is because I'm curious what you guys would be interested in when it comes to what you would watch on my channel. So as always you're free to post your ideas below.


I also have a need for a graphic artist that would be willing to whip up some custom graphics for the channel, I'd obviously pay you for your time and we can likely come to some sort of a deal with that. PM me for more information.


Go ahead HERE to subscribe to the channel if you're interested.

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What I'd be interested in: 

Executions of specific boss tactics from hunter PoV. Example: jumping on and off the treadmill on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. 


I guess videos with clarifications of hunter mechanics and rotation subtleties could be useful, in addition to the written guide. 


I doubt I'd have much interest in watching full fights videos. Knowing the overall DPS, effective HPS and raid composition on progress fights would be invaluable, but there's no need to create videos to share that kind of information, forums are for that. 


You also could use it as a sort of a vlog, just to share your thoughts with the community, but that's a whole other commitment. and kinda pointless unless you're gonna have fun doing that and/or plan to make money off it. 


You could make some videos on improving, teaching people to use logs to compare themselves to world's leading hunters, but they're prone to get outdated. 


Custom graphics - like what? Thumbnails for videos, channel background art, that sort of thing? Or something for your videos themselves?


In the end, you can pretty much make a video about any topic you deem important.


On a sidenote, five months ago I started making videos on the game called PlanetSide 2: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVIY1QSkNWrj2SwWn7VnNt0rv7Xjp6brW

Even though I don't play this game anymore, I had immense fun creating these videos, I enjoy rewatching them, and I'm proud to be the author of something, to be the creator of my own content.


So even if this upbringing of creating your own channel will eventually stop working for you, I'm sure it will be a heartwarming memory of light for you.

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I concur with Iridar on the fight mechanics, seeing a Hunter PoV would be interesting and raid tactics are really the only thing I still search out videos for, everything else is easier to consume in forum form :)

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Alright that sounds like a good start. I think I'll end up making the Style guide from SoO into a video guide.

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