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Amirdrassil RWF, Day 4: The Perfect RWF Day?

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Well... Day 4 was when all the pent up boredom and monotony of the splits era exploded, and we saw some truly crazy and intense head-to-heads, the top guilds caught up and we got a brand new World First as well! It's almost everything you'd want from a RWF progress day.

We started of slow with some final splits for Echo, but by the EU evening we had both Liquid and Echo in Mythic, taking down bosses left and right. Liquid started a little earlier and took out everything that was already killed by others in 17 pulls, reaching Smolderon, the big bad for the day, and killing 6 bosses. Echo went just as fast on the first 3, but ran into some trouble on Flame Keeper Larodar, taking double the pulls Liquid did, clocking in at 14. This took around 1-2 hours out of their day, and they stayed late to get it done, so they stopped at 4/9 before calling it a night. You can check out all the videos of the big Echo and Liquid kills here.

We also saw a few other EU guilds push up, as Conspiracy and FatSharkYes got some kills, with Conspiracy actually managing to down Nymue World 3rd and end their night on 5/9! The Asian guilds also caught up top the 4/9 status quo, as Skyline, End Myth and 火锅英雄 all got on the Nymue starting line.

We then moved into the crazy part of the day, around 5 hours ago. Liquid waited the double orb bug out and came back after Blizzard fixed it to get some serious Smolderon progress done, BDG and xD got into a massive scuffle over World 4th Larodar/overall 3rd, and Skyline and End Myth were also facing off over Asia first Nymue. These three fronts provided some intense clips and wipes, like this truly painful BDG 0.04% Larodar:

While BDG were constantly in the lead and getting some serious 1-2% wipes, xD, who had come to the Larodar party much later, kept up pretty closely and with half the pulls BDG had. BDG wiped at 1%, xD wiped at 6%. And so on. In the end the win did go to BDG, but just 20 SECONDS after that... xD had their first sub-1% wipe. xD luckily managed to get their kill a little later as well, but had to suffer through another 0.8% wipe before that.

Meanwhile, Liquid were getting some serious progress done, instantly getting the fire generator lower than their 29% pre-bugfix best. Little by little they got it down below 10, 8 and then we entered heartbreak territory:

That's around when I said "this boss is dying with 1 tank alive and soloing it, isn't it?". That wasn't the only 2% pull however, and the current champions kept on pushing! At the VERY end of their raid day the kill finally came, and I just missed my prediction a LITTLE bit, as it was actually TWO tanks that carried out the kill on their own in the end! It took 56 pulls to take down Smolderon, and he truly was a worthy RWF boss in the end. Without that 13% HP buff Blizzard ninja added when Instant Dollars first got to him... not so much, as he would have died at least 3 hours sooner.

The full pull VoD:


In closing, day 4 is everything I want the RWF to be from the start. And honestly, if we have to suffer through 3 days of mind-numbing splits to get here... that's ok too.


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