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Amirdrassil RWF Day 6: Top Players Asking for No Nerf, Tindral Nerfed

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Day 6 in the Amirdrassil race was not as eventful as the previous few, but a whole lot happened nonetheless. We already covered the headline of the day in the previous summary, aka Echo's extremely fast Smolderon kill after their raid start. The rest of the day was very much a giant pile of Tindral, with Smolderon causing a lot off issues for non top-4 guilds. And that one other big thing that happened.

Almost the entire EU raid day was spent on Tindral progress for Echo, as they applied what Liquid had learned about the fight and pushed through. There was one particular thing to note during the evening, as players from both Echo and Liquid were calling for no nerfs on Tindral, after having pulled the boss for quite a while.

Aaaand then Blizzard nerfed it. It's not quite that simple a story, however. The nerf was 20% to the boss HP, as well as a longer duration on the seeds the players need to individually soak. A fairly solid nerf all told, but its effects were... shall we say not big, at least not yet. Almost right after the nerfs were announced Echo decided to call it an early day, as they had to start re-adjusting to a 5 AM wakeup call coming on the Wednesday EU reset. Their best pull of the day was at 60%. This left Liquid to progress on the boss all the NA day, with the nerfs implemented. There was a bit of an argument in the community about who these nerfs favor, prompting Liquid's Max to respond:

And Echo's Scripe also chimed in:

All the nerf talk ended up being somewhat premature, as the changes had basically NO effect on Liquid's next 12ish hours of pulls. The way the nerfs work they don't really affect phases 1 and 2 at all, and that's been the biggest stumbling block for both guilds. Liquid got one good pull into phase 3 a little after the nerfs, with a new 46% best:

After that we did not see phase 3 for a LONG time, as Liquid just couldn't get back there until late in their raid day.

In the meantime, Method went and grabbed a World 3rd on Smolderon and even pushed a little on Tindral before also calling it an early night, a little after Echo.

Instant Dollars also came in and just destroyed Smolderon for their World 4th, getting the boss down in 3 pulls today, with a total of EXACTLY 100. The rest of the Smolderon night saw BDG slamming themselves against the boss wall, as they managed to get up to 218 pulls without getting a kill, with many sub-5% pulls and one sub-1%. Skyline is also at an impasse with the Ragnaros wannabe, as they woke up a few hours ago and continued slamming him, themselves reaching the 200 pull milestone and moving past it, with a 5% best so far.

Back to Liquid, as they also decided to end an hour early due to the reset this week, they did manage to get quite a few pulls into phase 3 at the end of their day. The percentage didn't go down by a lot, but we did see more of phase 3, and the nerfs finally came into play with the longer seed duration. 44.44% is our current best overall, so let's see if Echo can beat it, and how fast.

Liquid ended their day on 285 pulls, and Tindral will definitely be heading to spot No.2 on the most pulls for a non-endboss table, eclipsing Stone Legion Generals from Castle Nathria. That is, unless Echo can really step it up and blast the boss, since they're "only" on 142 pulls. However, even if the boss does take more pulls than the gargoyles, there no chance he will take more than the absolute No.1 of all time, Fallen Avatar, with his... ahem, 454 pull count.

At the VERY end of the day, Liquid's GM Max shed some light on what was happening during their raid and why there was that large gap on seeing phase 3. Apparently they didn't want to see too much of phase 3 so as to not give Echo too much information, so they instead focused on getting phases 1 and 2 down perfectly. Here's the clip:


Echo have already gotten back in to the raid and are pulling Tindral, so let's see if he survives the day.


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I've enjoyed watching this and the difficulty is great.

The magnitude of a 20% nerf to the boss HP though makes me wonder what's really going on. Is there some mechanic they're supposed to use that they're not using? 20% is massive and I just can't see how they'd miss the boss HP by that much.

I think on normal you can break roots with Escape Artist. Maybe they could all reroll to gnomes :D

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