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Amirdrassil RWF Day 7: Crowded on Tindral, Inky Economics, and Boss Length

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So, a genuinely slow day after quite the hectic few. It was all Tindral all the time for the top guilds, as the Smolderon obstacle was cleared by almost all of the top 10 during the day. One thing is certain, Tindral, even with his nerf, has transformed this race from the usual "everything dies then final boss takes days" into something quite different.

If you're just here for the numbers, let's just get to them. There was a glorious hour or two where Echo and Liquid were going at Tindral at the same time and getting to very similar percentages, evoking the best of Denathrius progress back in Nathria. They traded new best pulls around, both getting into phase 3 and staying there a solid while. In the end Echo called it a really early day around 7:40 CET, doing some splits after. Their 5 AM reset is coming up tomorrow so the early call makes sense, and they're already back at it now, having started at 7 AM today with some splits. Their best pull is currently at 38.66%.

From then on it was Liquid's show and we saw a LOT of phase 3. At one point Liquid were seeing the phase around 6 times in an hour, and considering it's not exactly short fight, that's quite a bit. Actual percentage progress was very slow, with new bests going 2-3% at a time, but we did get some solid progress during the entire day. Liquid's best at the end sits at 23.99%.

Liquid's Max also stated he does not think Blizzard will nerf the boss again, even if it means the race going into and through Thanksgiving, considering Blizzard did not like the way they nerfed Raszageth for a similar reason. He also thinks the boss is very killable with the new reset's worth of gear, and with what we've seen today that does sound very plausible.

We also had quite a few guilds catch up and join the Tindral crew, as 火锅英雄 (Huoguo Hero) grabbed the World 5th, Skyline behind them, and then, in the EU evening, BDG FINALLY got that guy down, after a whopping 226 pulls. FatSharkYes also made it to 7/9 around midnight, and we now have 8 guilds competing for the World First! The next closest guild on Tindral is Method, with a 57% best.

So, now that the important stuff is done, how about some trivia? You've seen the Inky Black Potion Inky Black Potion tech used by pretty much every guild Tindral. But did you stop to consider where all those potions are coming from and how their prices may be affected? No? And you don't care either? Well tough cos I'm talking about it! The guilds chug these things 3-5 times per fight per character, and the potions come from a Darkmoon Faire NPC, costing 3.3 gold. But, as you may know, there is not Faire now. So the guilds either have massive stockpiles, or...

Source: Raider.IO.

That's the potion price on the Illidan server, where both Liquid and BDG play. The price went up just as the guilds discovered they were going to use it, and it's been going up ever since! The filled in light blue section is their price.

2023-11-21 07_19_11-Inky Black Potion Prices for Illidan - WoW Price Hub — Mozilla Firefox.jpg
Source: Wow Price Hub.

And finally for today's "slow" day, here's some interesting numbers for Tindral's duration, since he's fast becoming one of the longest lived non-endbosses in history. Here's a look at Liquid's time spent (only measured in combat) and pull count, as compared to the World Firsts of other long-lived non-endbosses. The time comparison is just for bosses since Sanctum of Domination, since we don't have that data for raids before then.

  • Tindral has taken them 14 hours 43 minutes with 387 pulls.
  • Anduin from Sepulcher took 11 hours and 27 minutes, aka 216 pulls.
  • Halondrus, just before Anduin in Sepulcher took 18 hours 32 minutes, with 357.
  • And finally, Fallen Avatar took 454 pulls, but we don't know how much time. I joked earlier that his pull count won't be beaten ever, but Tindral is really in the running now. Unless, of course, Echo take him down faster, as they're "only" at 194 pulls.


So, the last day of the NA reset has passed, and we've entered the last day of the EU one/first day of the NA second. Is a World First coming today?


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