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Amirdrassil RWF Day 10: A Detailed Look at Fyrakk, and a Lot of Progress

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We've reached the final face-off of the race, as both Liquid and Echo are on Fyrakk and progressing side-by-side! They day didn't see that much movement percentage-wise, but a whole lot of it fight mechanics-wise.

Echo managed to catch up during the day and when Liquid came back the two guilds were truly neck-and-neck on the attempts. Liquid did have a bit of an edge, considering their 45 or so off-stream pulls during the previous night, as they did take the lead. Echo ended their day on a 62.66% best, just pushing through past the dragon orb bonanza intermission into add-healing phase 2.

Let's start off slow with the entire fight of that Echo best pull. Also, if you want to get a deeper understanding of what the hell is happening in there, you can check out this post by our own Rogue guide writer, Seliathan.

Liquid were also hovering around that 62% mark and soon had a new best of their own, a 58.84% which would stay the lowest the boss got until the VERY last pull of the day. We're taking a look starting from the phase 1 into 2 intermission.

The fight also has some peculiarities, like the flame patches actually bouncing forward if you don't get the overlap right:

And then there's this little detail: the players went back to get an old Battle for Azeroth engineering belt enchant, the Belt Enchant: Personal Space Amplifier Personal Space Amplifier. They use it to corral the small soul adds towards the big infernals in phase 2 so they can AoE them all down, and out of the way of the small heraler adds so they don't transform them into more souls.

That's around when Echo went to bed. A little before that we also saw the Tindral World 3rd by Method, who also got a few pulls in on Fyrakk and called it a day as well. That left only Liquid to progress on the boss for the entire night, and while there was solid progress and plentiful phase 2 visits, it took until Max literally called the last pull of the night for our next BIG look deeper into P2. This time we're starting right at the P2 beginning.

That's a LOT of new information, with the second wave of infernals, the three big healer tree adds and a new best (although by 0.18%). Here's another look at the pull replay, with commentary from Liquid's main stream casters:

The wipes in phase 2 vary from the infernals not going down fast enough and getting their 100 energy cast off, or the healer adds dying and transforming into enemies, even Amirdrassil itself running out of HP as not enough healers go through. Also, here's a raid composition comparison between the three Fyrakk-progressing guilds:


And, just as a treat at the end with so much fight footage, here's what happens when the days get long and the pulls intense.


A very big day indeed as Fyrakk was looking pretty impenetrable almost right up until that final pull of the day. He still may be, but there's room to go. Echo are going there right now as they started their day already, so we'll see how far they get, and if they can see Phase 3 before Liquid wake up.


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