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Old-School Content Farm Builds

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Hi everyone. 

Apologies as this is my first post on the forums here, so I might be going against established guidelines. 

Does anyone have any builds or advice for making a build for farming old-school content? I almost solely play these days to farm old-school stuff and for mounts/transmogs/pets, etc. I took the build off the prot pally main guide and just kinda moved some stuff around to add more mobility. I'm trying to make a build that's heavily mobility and AOE focused as I also am using this build for open-world content. I've actually only tweaked the paladin tree and not the prot tree. I thought I'd come ask you guys for advice before playing around too much just to see how the community feels. I think I still want to maintain some self-healing/survivability as I try to attempt more recent content or soloing some more difficult content.

I'm sure that some people prefer ret for old-school stuff, so I'm open to ideas for ret as well, but I just think prot is fun. 



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