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One flower over; 400k.

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So I do this thing where I put random "crap" I have up on auction house for the pure reason of BAGSPACE, cause I own the Brutosaur (His name is Boris)
and I play a druid, and have done, for over 18 years now, and I play all speccs, and do pvp on the side; so I usually have... close to no bagspace.

Soooo today I had a bad day....
won't go into details, but it's health related both with myself and my family....
... and I ran out of bagspace, as usual, plopped up a flower for getting more bagspace and retrieve it later in mail..

And then this happened


You could say I was shocked...... but it made my day a bit brighter.
So, thank you, whoever REALLY needed that one Hochenblume.

Sorry... might actually just have been an addon giving me false hope... 😧

Delete this topic please :<

Edited by TheCake
- Might have been an addon messing up actually.. :(

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