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Which video recording progam is best to use while also running Hearthstone Tracker?

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The title says it all, really.


I've downloaded OBS and Dxtory, I got them mainly because I was wondering how they worked, etc.  (I admit to being kind of a Demo junkie)


I also thought it might be nice "sometime" to record some of  matches.  However, I thought that I would have to spend quite a bit of time up-ing my game before it would be worth any recording.  After all, you don't get on"Dancing with the Stars"if all you can  do is the Hokey-Pokey!


Now I've just read the article here about "why am I losing" and one of the suggestions it makes is to record your games so that you can actually look back on the mistakes you made in play instead of relying on what may be pretty faulty memory.


I have to admit that really was spot on when it comes to the faulty memory part.  My game has slowly gotten better, mainly because I could at least remember the "large" problems.  Like why did my Druid so often run out of cards well before the end of the game.  Or that it really is important to ditch those higher mana cards on draw instead of hamstringing yourself for the first several turns.


So when I read about recording matches as a memory help, instead of to show to other people that really sounded like it was "Fit to be writ in letters of gold!"


Now I want to know which (cheap or free) program would be best to run while also running the stat tracker (something I've been doing the last little while, also as a learning aide"


My computer is not a new one. I did originally put it together specifically to play games, and it still does a fairly decent job of that if I don't ask it to run max video quality into my big flat screen tv.


I was just wondering if the extra demands of running the recorder would affect play in Hearthstone proper while also doing the stats tracker.  I wouldn't want to wind up with bad lag problems, or even giving my pc such a headache it crashes out of sheer annoyance.

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