Hi Icy Rogues - I haven't raided in awhile and wanted some ideas on Focus Macro Setups

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Hey guys,


I haven't raided in quite awhile. I'm trying to get a solid grip on how I used to do things in BC when I raided but it's been so long and I'm looking for advice on improving the below methods when I begin progression raiding in WoD. I'm left-handed and use IJKL, so I have many hotkeys already, and I want to perfect with it! 


If I remember correctly, I would always have my focus set to my main tank so I could Focus ToT anytime I wanted, as they're of course always the ToT target anyway and I won't have to switch. The exception to this is for interrupting a secondary target - I would need my focus to be an interrupt target if it's not my main target, and I only need to kick it (I see the focus castbar with SUF). To facilitate this on the fly, I have a hotkey to set focus. The hotkeys for kick/ToT are the same as the normal skill, just with control inclusion. 


Am I doing this optimally, or would you recommend an easier way? 


Also as a side note, is there an easier way to track rupture timer on multiple targets? I usually just have a hotkey to switch targets and I look at the debuff timer... this just doesn't seem optimal as it is guesswork on higher health mobs. It's easy on a single/main target with NeedtoKnow. Sorry if these are answered elsewhere, I must have missed them if so. 

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1) I don't think it's necessary to have TotT bound anymore. There are very few situations where you will use it - opening the Pandaren boxes for Spoils is literally the only time I ever touched the skill this expansion, and even then my Hunters did it more often than I did


Besides that, tank aggro is good enough with the changes from the last couple expansions that using TotT on pull to help them is irrelevant 


2) I have Set Focus bound to my ~ key. This allows for easy swapping mid fight if needed, but this helps me more with PvP than it does for raiding


I have Focus casts for: Shadowstep, Kick, Blind, and Kidney Shot. Again, these are almost exclusively for PvP


3) Tracking Rupture across multiple targets is kind of strange. I was actually thinking about this today, if I could make a WeakAura that supported multi target tracking. I haven't had a chance to play around with it, so I'm not sure if I could, but it MIGHT be able to be done.


My current method of doing it, is just to go by reference to my current target. Assuming that I applied Rupture to #1 first and #2 second, I can watch the timer on #2 and start thinking about refreshing on #1 when #2 has around 10 seconds left (more or less, depending how long it took to build the 5cp to apply on #2 in the first place, but ~10 seconds is a decent guess.


It will get complicated as the BS / Ambush Multistrikes reduce both durations, which was why I wanted a WeakAura for it.  TL;DR I'll try it, no promises

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