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Crafted Gear pre-raids (WoD)

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Hi guys, 

Been reading multiple forums here and there, but i haven't really come across any pre-raid gear lists, are there any lists with gear to go after before the raids open in WoD out there?

I'm mostly interested in what the best warlords-crafted gear would be for Rets, so i can still swap professions now if needed.

Hope you guys know a bit more about this!



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We (the paladin mods) will most likely push out "lists" once WoD officially drops or a couple days preceding; however, I would direct you over to https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/7622-apexis-crystals-where-to-get-them-how-to-use-them/which will have a lot of information on pre-raid gear. And remember with the changes to gear and removal of certain aspects to gear choices (gemming, reforging, etc.) our choices are mostly limited to what we can get our hands on, but I would definitely go for BS, if you wanted to make some gear to cut down on the time spent lacking gear slots.


Apexis crystal farming is tedious and you will spend a lot of time farming them, and anything you can do to cut down or improve the speed at which you farm will definitely come from BS, and possibly engineering (referring to the goggles if they implement them) I'm currently away from home but when I get back I'll be spending a lot of time in beta reviewing gear available at lvl 100 immediately and confer with the other paladins to get a topic up asap on the necessary steps needed to acquire the gear :) 

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