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Stat priority changes in WoD and rotation changes

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Hey guys. I'm a new protection Paladin getting ready for WoD.


At the moment, from what I've read, it seems that in WoD our stat priority will change pretty dramatically. At the current moment it seems to be that the goal in Paladin tanking is to take as few (if any at all) unmitigated attacks as possible. After seeing some tutorials, I've noticed that most Paladins (up until the recent changes at least) tend to use Divine Protection, and then for the next eight seconds of its duration will gather Holy Power to get some chains of Shield of the Righteous up. This is why Paladins prioritized haste so heavily in SoO, as with more Holy Power generation they could maximize their SotR attacks, increase their DPS, and take a whole lot less damage.


The new statistic priority seems to be bonus armor > mastery > versatility > haste > the rest, and my question is this: is SotR going to change into a pre-emptive extra boost of mitigation before big attacks, or is it still going to be something you try to keep up constantly? My ilevel right now is only 540 with low levels of gear, and with my terrible 20% haste I doubt I'd be able to keep a half-respectworthy uptime on SotR. I could just be playing wrong and it could be likely that it's possible to mitigate a whole lot of damage with SotR, but I'm wondering what kind of approach the beta testers found to be effective.

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When the expansion releases and we level up, we won't have a good haste %, won't have a CD reduction trinket, and tus will definitely be unable to rotate DP and SotR for large streaks of mitigation. DP will become a normal CD to is where we try to use it for high damage, and SotR will be timed for melee swings or physical mechanics to minimize the most damage.

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