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Mirror Images

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Ok I looked for this everywhere and couldn't find a answer so I thought I would post here to get one.


How do the new mirror images work in terms of the amount of damage they do, do they just scale of the amount of int and spell power I have or do they take into account any other stats?


What about buffs such as trinket procs, enchant procs etc? If they do I would take it they are affected in the same way as dots are now ( the removal of shap shotting ) meaning that if my trinkets proc say 20 sec into the 40 second duration will that mean they will start to do more damage.



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Mirror Images scale with your current Intellect, Haste, Multistrike and Crit. 

They don't scale with Arcane Mastery nor do they trigger ignite or icicles. 
They do indeed scale dynamically, which means if 5 seconds after you cast MI you get a trinket proc, then your MI will deal more damage.

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I already knew about the other 2 but haven't tested enough...


Does MI benefit from Shatter if I Freeze the target?

I also haven't tested it and I'll be on a train/plane the whole day, but to be honest:


  1. Go to Stormwind.
  2. Set your pet passive.
  3. Target a Training Dummy cast an Ice Lance on them. (Remove legendary cloak)
  4. Cast Mirror Image.
  5. Cast Pet Freeze.
  6. Watch closely if you see bigger numbers than usually. :D
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