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WoD Pre-Raid BiS List (Protection Warrior)

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Here is a pre-raid best-in-slot gear list I've made. Do note that this list only includes gear dropped in heroic dungeons. If the community desires it, I can modify this list to include other pre-raid loot sources.




Verdant Plate Crown




Necklace of Holy Deflection




Verdant Plate Spaulders




Rigid Scale Cloak




Gutcrusher Chestplate




Verdant Plate Wristguards




Incarnadine Gauntlets




Incarnadine Girdle




Verdant Plate Legguards




Bladebinder Ring

Unsullied Signet




Solar Containment Unit

Enforcer's Stun Grenade




Tharbek's Brutal Posessor




Draconian Doomshield

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Can't help on linking heroic items, but are you able to list where they're from as well (I realise armor drops from many bosses, so that may not be worth it!).  It would other wise make the list more concise =)


Also, have you considered a second BiS list if a warrior were to choose crit over mastery?


Thanks for your work!

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Hello fellow WoW players,


This might be a little off-topic but, can anyone tell me if warriors can still DW two-hands? I haven't played much since WotLK and pretty much everything has changed (which is cool and intriguing). And I am absolutely fascinated with wielding monster weapons on each hand!


Thank you,


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You can, qssuming you go Fury.

As far as pre raid BiS goes, I'm pretty sure the optimal pqth will be Challenge Modes since the CM daily gives a guaranteed LFR quality piece of gear. Trinkets & weapon are probably going to be DMF & crafting.

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This list looks like a good starting point, thanks! Keep in mind that you can get one epic per day by doing the challenge mode daily.

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