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[Youtube/Stream] The Arena starring NetgamesHS

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Update Dec 06 2014: 

I already started it on my stream but now I continue with my Youtube as well. All my content will be in german from now on. I am sorry  for those who enjoyed my content in english but I think it suits me better to speak in my native language and if i look at my Youtube dashboard it shows that a great majority of my viewers are already from germany so it shouldn't effect that many people.


Dec 13 2014: No more Videoupdates in OP. If you want to see the videos just look for the latest post.


(Dec 06 2014):


Mage 11:3 (german, GvG hit right after match 2 so you can see me battle against all the new OP cards with my "classic" deck)

Link to playlist (best way to watch it)


The draft:



Original Post:



I'm am NetgamesHS (Netgames999), a Hearthstone Arena player. I started playing Hearthstone during the Beta but i didn't commit much time on it. Just recently, at the end of Oct 2014, i dug it up again and put togehter a deck from my still very small collection (had around 8% of the cards). I reached rank 4 with warrior, spent every gold coin on packs and realized that it would be a hard grind to collect the rest. I decided to try out the arena. I knew if you can reach 7 wins you are getting your investment back. So I grinded till i had 300 gold in the bank and started from there. That is now over two weeks ago and I'm still on it with my gold slowly rising. 


After some runs i decided to stream the whole thing on twitch and to upload it to youtube. I'm a strong believer in the concept of "if you are able to explain what you are doing, you truely understood" or at least can see where your gaps are. So in my stream/videos I'm trying to explain as much as possible which is sometimes hard because english is not my first language. I am not claiming to be the godfather of the arena but I think if I am able to continuosly run in the arena i might be doing something right, ey.


You can find my Channels here:



If you want to see what i'm up to you can also follow my on twitter : http://www.twitter.com/netgamesHS


I will post my finished runs here. Feedback on basically everything is more than welcome. Be it stream-/videoquality, the channels in general or the plays ingame.

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Here are my lst two runs, one is Warlock the other is Druid. The other parts are in the same playlist so it shouldn't be hard to find. Have fun with it and leave a comment if you like to.





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I updated my first post in regards to coaching if some is interested. So far I only coached friends but I think I am up for this ;)


Also here are my last two Arena runs:


The salty one:


The mentality change:

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