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Last Epoch Warlock Mastery - Skill Reveal: Soul Feast

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Discover Soul Feast, the new skill for Warlock in Last Epoch that lets you devour the souls of cursed enemies and gain Ward.

Warlock Reveal - Day 7.jpg

Earlier today, Aaron from ActionRPG shared information about Ghostflame and its skill tree, showcasing some of the exciting skill nodes available for Warlock players to be creative with. The second skill on today's showcase is Soul Feast

Skill_Warlock_-_Soul_Feast-Day 4.jpg

Soul Feast devours the souls of cursed enemies, dealing necrotic damage and pulling fragments of their souls back to empower you, with each soul granting you Ward. This new ability not only adds an element of survivability, but can also help to spread Curses to other enemies. The skill effects up to 13 enemies, but can be augmented to attack more, as well as convert into a Physical version with new added effects. 


Below are some of the special nodes in the skill tree:

Grand Imprint.jpg

Blood Feast.jpg

Infernal Hunger.jpg

Withering Maw.jpg

In addition, you can check out Aaron's video below for a 13-minute deep dive into every Skill Tree Node with gameplay:

Tomorrow, ActionRPG will be exploring another two Warlock skills: Profane Veil and Chaos Bolts, where he will, once again, be breaking down both skill trees and talking about their potential combinations.

So be sure to check back tomorrow and stay tuned for more information with ActionRPG's Last Epoch Warlock Reveal!

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I assume someone has pointed this out by now, but Soul Feast is not really a new skill.  It's currently in the game as a Lich skill.  They may have update the graphics and made some changes to the passive tree but it's kind of overselling it to call it a new skill. 

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18 hours ago, Tadrinth said:

I assume someone has pointed this out by now, but Soul Feast is not really a new skill.  It's currently in the game as a Lich skill.  They may have update the graphics and made some changes to the passive tree but it's kind of overselling it to call it a new skill. 

While this is true, many of the nodes have been reworked, and the animation on it is totally different. The concept is similar, and it has the same name, but it functions entirely differently than current Soul Feast when you start taking nodes.

I'm hoping they fill in the slot for Lich, leaving them with nothing in its place would not be great.

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