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NO GDKP Runs in Season of Discovery Phase 2

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Blizzard has announced a significant update for Season of Discovery Phase 2 that many players will welcome: the decision to prohibit GDKP runs.

What are GDKP runs?

Gold DKP is a gear distribution system where players bid gold for items. The highest bidder wins the loot, and the collected gold is then divided among the raid participants.

Blizzard's rationale for this move is to combat the rise in botting and gold buying activities within Classic. By eliminating GDKP from Phase 2, starting February 8, they aim to enhance the game's integrity and player experience.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

No More GDKP Runs

We are experimenting with a new policy which will no longer allow GDKP runs in Season of Discovery. While we understand that there are some benefits for those who find this a convenient way to gain gear, we also recognize that there are concerns surrounding the erosion of traditional guild and social structures that are a part of the spirit of Season of Discovery. Given the experimental nature of Season of Discovery, we want to try things without this type of transaction taking place in this game mode. With the launch on February 8, we will be restricting this activity. We will have more information to share on our official channels and will be monitoring feedback closely.

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    • By Staff
      Blizzard have another big class tuning pass coming with next week's reset, this time focusing on Druids, Shamans, Rogues, Paladins and just a little bit of Hunter. We also got some Gnomeregan changes in as well.
      Update: the Seal of Martyrdom + Art of War change was, well, changed, as Aggrend explains below:
      Seal of Martyrdom (Source)
      Wanted to chime in and provide a quick update to this note:
        We’ve decided not to send this specific part of the paladin changes live on Tuesday.
      While this could arguably be considered a bug, we are simply going to let it ride as it is not nearly as problematic as the second part of the bug that allowed weapon procs to trigger the full damage of Seal of Martyrdom.
      That separate bug fix to prevent Martyrdom from proccing from Frost Oil and other procs will go live as planned but we understand that for some it was an interesting interaction. It’s never a great time when you feel like you caught a “fun detected” nerf, and while we couldn’t really allow this bug to continue in its current form for obvious reasons, we are currently discussing ways to recapture some of what made it interesting and some of the power it provided without the somewhat janky and unintuitive behavior.
      We appreciate your feedback around this and are looking forward to continuing to provide regular updates and adjustments as the phase rolls on.
      Thank you!
      And here are the actual class changes coming:
      SoD Class Tuning Feb 27 (Source)
      As we continue to monitor class performance and player feedback in Season of Discovery, we’ve designed the following tuning adjustments, which we intend to implement with scheduled weekly maintenance:
      Lifebloom mana cost reduced by 50%. Developers’ notes: Lifebloom refunds half its new base mana cost per stack when it expires or is dispelled. This part has always functioned in this way, and we’ve seen a bit of confusion around how the mana return portion of Lifebloom functions. Living Seed now heals for 50% of the critical heal that planted the seed (was 30%). This heal now blooms from non-periodic healing received, in addition to any damage taken. Nourish mana cost reduced by 27%. Moonkin Form now also reduces the mana cost of Moonfire by 50% and increases Moonfire periodic damage by 50%. Sunfire also benefits from this change. Moonkins can now cast non-healing Restoration spells without cancelling their shapeshift. This includes: Remove Curse, Remove Poison, Abolish Poison, Innervate, Rebirth, Revive, Mark of the Wild, and Gift of the Wild. Fury of Stormrage improved: when this rune makes Healing Touch instant, it now also makes it castable in all shapeshift forms. Hunter
      Dual Wield Specialization no longer grants a 30% damage bonus to Raptor Strike for wielding two weapons of the same type. Paladin
      Crusader Strike now deals Holy damage instead of Physical damage, ignoring armor, and is now affected by Holy damage prevention. Crusader Strike is still considered a melee attack, and not a spell. Seal of Martyrdom will no longer be triggered by Frost Oil or other weapon procs. Rogue
      Redirect no longer triggers or is affected by the global cooldown, and its own cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds. Developers’ notes: when Redirect is combined in a macro with other Combo Point related abilities, it often does not function as expected. We recommend not including it in such macros. Main Gauche now generates 3 combo points on your target and base Energy cost reduced to 15. Just a Flesh Wound threat bonus increased such that Rogue tanks will generate approximately 30% more threat. Shaman
      Two-Handed Mastery rune now also provides 10% increased Attack Power and 10% increased chance to hit with spells after hitting a target with a two-handed weapon. Shamanistic Rage rune now grants 5% of the Shaman’s maximum mana per
      second, instead of a value scaling from Attack Power, Spell Power, or Healing Power. Spirit of the Alpha rune now grants the casting Shaman 20% increased Attack Power if they cast the spell on a target other than themselves. Earth Shield mana cost reduced by 67%, and charges increased from 3 to 9. The base amount healed now properly scales with level and is about 50% higher than previously at level 40. Power Surge tooltip revised to clarify functionality. This rune periodically grants mana every 5 seconds, equal to 15% of the Shaman’s intellect. Some potential timing issues that could have sometimes made it give less mana than intended have been fixed. Ancestral Guidance cooldown reduced to 1 minute (was 2 minutes). Gnomeregan
      The increased armor value of certain mechanical bosses in Gnomeregan has been reduced slightly. Developers’ notes: The higher armor values on certain mechanical enemies in Gnomeregan was correct and intended, but we will adjust the armor on Crowd Pummeler 9-60 and Mekingeer Thermaplugg slightly to provide up to a 10% increase in physical damage received, depending on modifiers present. We also checked the Mechanical Managerie, and it is using the correct armor values.
    • By Staff
      Hardcore Self-Found Mode will launch on February 29 and here comes the official preview of the new mode.
      In the Self-Found Mode, players cannot trade, use the Auction House, or send and receive most mail.
      Survival is the name of the game in Classic Hardcore realms, and while you don’t always have to go it alone, you might just want to. You can take the leap into a new adventure in Classic Hardcore with Self-Found mode on February 29 beginning at 3:00 p.m. PDT (22:00 GMT) around the world.
      Players can choose to take on this new mode of play beginning at level 1 by selecting the option at character creation. While in this mode, players will be restricted from sending or receiving mail from other players, buying, or selling on the Auction House, or trading in any way (including giving or receiving items or enchantments.) While Self-Found mode is activated, you’ll see a new buff applied to your character. Characters with Self-Found mode on will also show a small icon in the character selection screen.
      Self-Found Adventurer
      Unable to trade, use the auction house, or send and receive most mail.
      To turn off this mode of play, Alliance players can visit an Apprentice Watcher in Ironforge (Hall of Explorers) or Darnassus (Moon Temple) and Horde players can visit an Apprentice Watcher in Orgrimmar (near the PvP vendors)  or in Undercity (The Apothecarium). Keep in mind that once you turn off Self-Found, you will not be able to turn it back on.
      It will all be up to you and your ability to explore, gather, and create everything you need to survive in Azeroth…all on your own.
      Getting Into Hardcore
      If you haven’t taken up the challenge yet, then don’t worry. We have everything you need to know to get started.
      If living life on the edge is for you, first, you'll need to do the following:
      Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Run the Battle.net desktop app—it may need to update itself if you haven't run it recently. First-time adventurers or those looking for a fresh start will need to create a new Battle.net account. Once Battle.net is installed and updated, select World of Warcraft from the list of games. Access to WoW Classic Hardcore is included and available to all players with an active World of Warcraft subscription—no additional purchase is required. You can subscribe by visiting the Battle.net Shop. In the Game Version drop-down menu above the Play button, choose the World of Warcraft Classic option, then click Install. Allow the installation to complete, click Play, and select from the available realms listed in the Hardcore tab. Create a new character. Enter the game and do your best to live. Access to the WoW Classic Hardcore realms is available to all players with an active World of Warcraft subscription—no additional purchase is required. For the current system requirements for PC and Mac, visit our support page.
      What’s Playing
      Get a quick refresher on the content available, the special considerations for Hardcore and get your ticket into a new adventure! Learn more in our previously published article.
      Facing Mortality —What Lies Beyond Death in Classic Hardcore
      Death isn't necessarily the end for Classic Hardcore characters. Learn about your choices and how to make the most of your Hardcore experience. Visit our previously published article for more information.
      Check out the Rules of Engagement and our official patch notes articles to learn more about the gameplay on Classic Hardcore realms.
      We look forward to seeing you in Azeroth!
    • By Starym
      We're doing a hotfix combo today, as the Dragonflight part is pretty small and SoD has plenty of changes! Retail only brings two fixes, one for Rogues and one for Waycrest, while SoD has plenty of class changes, as well as quest XP buffs, PvP event improvements and more.
      February 21 (Source)
      Rogue Outlaw Fixed an issue with Echoing Reprimand that allowed Slice and Dice to trigger effects like Ruthlessness and Restless Blades as if spending 7 combo points. Dungeons
      Waycrest Manor Fixed an issue where receiving Aura of Dread can interrupt a player's channel.  
      WoW Classic: Season of Discovery
      Elite and Dungeon Quests now grant additional bonus experience. The Dismantle enchant now procs more often for casters and melee. The vendor price of Ez-Thro Radiation Bombs and High-Yield Radiation Bomb has been reduced. Players in the Spirit World can now resurrect at Chained Spirits for up to 30 minutes after a Blood Moon ends. Spirit of Redemption Form will no longer instantly cancel if you attempt to cast spells not allowed in that form. Doing so now returns an error message. A Zandalarian Emissary can now be found atop the Durotar zeppelin tower. Mage Spell Power now benefits the critical strike damage of Spellfrost Bolt. Rogue Preparation now properly resets the cooldowns of Quick Draw, Between the Eyes, and Redirect. Shuriken Toss will no longer sometimes cause loss of combo points when a Rogue is talented into Seal Fate and a bounced Shuriken crits a secondary target. Shaman Offhand Stormstrike hits can now correctly trigger weapon procs, including Windfury Weapon and Flurry. Healing Rain no longer has a variant height for its animation. The Healing Rain cloud now always appears just above player's heads. Warlock Haunt will now properly increase the damage done by Siphon Life. Developers’ notes: Siphon Life behaves like Drain Life and will only be increased by Haunt if it is cast while Haunt is already active. These abilities do not dynamically update their values when Haunt is applied or falls off.
    • By Stan
      A trinket from Gnomeregan has ported a player to somewhere they shouldn't be in Season of Discovery Phase 2...
      A Reddit user named SerrOleg recently shared an unusual experience with a Gnomeregan trinket known as "Aragriar's Whimsical World Warper." This unique item, dropped by Electrocutioner 6000, is designed to teleport players to random locations every four hours, thanks to its "Aragriar's Wild Ride" effect. 
      In some instances, you'll wind up somewhere you shouldn't be. In this specific scenario, the player got teleported to Northern Northshire and this is probably not an area where players should be, so they got affected with two spells/effects. The first one is called "TEST DEVELOPER DEBUG SPELL" and the tooltip says: "I don't think I'm supposed to be here..."
      However, adventures can sometimes take an unexpected turn. In a peculiar incident, SerrOleg found themselves teleported to Northern Northshire, a location presumably off-limits to players. Upon arrival, they were hit with two mysterious spells/effects. The first, "TEST DEVELOPER DEBUG SPELL," came with a tooltip message, "I don't think I'm supposed to be here...," hinting at the unintended nature of their visit.
      The second spell, named as "GM Freeze," is typically used by Game Masters to immobilize players in place, further indicating that this detour was far from ordinary.
      I recall this happening frequently during the Alpha/Beta PTR. Whenever you wandered into an area that hadn't been opened yet, you'd automatically get teleported back to your Hearthstone location after a short while. The trinket really brings a unique flavor to the Season of Discovery with its teleportation, don't you think?
    • By Starym
      The class tuning has arrived and we have even more changes than initially announced, as well as buffs for Gnomeregan Salvage!
      February 20 (Source)
      WoW Classic: Season of Discovery
      Increased the number of crafting materials found in Boxes of Gnomeregan Salvage and slightly increased the drop rate of Grime-Encrusted Salvage throughout Gnomeregan. Druid Berserk now also increases the number of targets struck by Lacerate while it is active. Starsurge bonus damage to Starfire increased to 80% (was 66%). Corrected a bug causing this bonus damage to be lower than intended at level 40. Swipe now scales with attack power, gaining 10% of attack power as damage. Threat caused by Swipe greatly increased. Rip duration increased to 16 seconds (was 12 seconds). Hunter Raptor Strike damage when the Melee Specialist rune is active is now normalized weapon damage. Paladin Fixed an issue where Fiery Weapon enchantment and Seal of Martyrdom were triggering each other. Neither can be triggered by the other any longer. Fixed an issue where Fiery Blaze and Fiery Weapon enchantments could trigger or be triggered by Seal of Martyrdom. Those interactions do not happen anymore. Priest Mind Spike damage increased by 10%. Void Plague damage increased by 10%. Shadow Word: Death base damage before modifiers decreased by 40% and spellpower coefficient adusted to 42.9% (was 64.3%). Developers’ notes: Overall, this should result in a 33-40% damage reduction on Shadow Word: Death, depending on the amount of spellpower the priest has. Shadow Word: Death has been doing a larger percentage of overall priest damage than intended, and we feel like this could begin to put additional pressure on healers in PvE, as spellpower gear improves and the damage that priests inflict on themselves continues to scale upwards. It could also prove to be increasingly oppressive in PvP, as it’s an instant attack that can be used on the move, from range, with very little counterplay. Rogue Shuriken Toss bounce range reduced to 10 yards (was 15 yards). Developers’ notes: This should reduce the chance of it bouncing a little too far and pulling extra packs in dungeons. It now matches the range of other chain spells like Chain Lightning and Avenger’s Shield. Shaman Fixed an issue where Fire Nova did not benefit properly from Elemental Mastery. The Dual-Wield Specialization rune now provides 50% bonus damage to your offhand weapon swings. Lava Lash now gains 50% increased damage if Flametongue Weapon is imbued on your offhand. The proc chance of Maelstrom Weapon is now roughly 50% higher when your main hand weapon or your two-hand weapon is imbued with Windfury Weapon.
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