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my build

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sorry if this is bad. i dont know how to make a good build or post a build



siphon blood - power shift

revive - oblation

command skeletons - frenzy

command golem - bone golem

bone spirit - any rune exept possesion or unfinished buissnes

army of the dead - valley of the dead



blood is power

final service

grisly tribute

commander of the risen dead



jeseths skull scythe

jeseths skull shield

full rathma set

anything else you want 🙂


cube abilities:

bone ringer

moribund gauntlets

anything else you want 🙂



use golem, revive, and skeletons to reduce the cooldown of army of the dead. revive corpses to trigger blood is power cooldown reduction and to reduce bone spirit cooldown. use army of the dead and bone spirit as main damage dealers.

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