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The Most Popular Specializations in Mythic+ in Dragonflight Season 3 Week 13

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We're checking out the most popular specializations in Mythic+ for this week.


The following post is based on data taken from u.gg, which has combined thousands of parses from live servers.

The Most Popular Specializations for Mythic+ in Season 3 Week 13

This week's affixes are Fortified, Volcanic, and Spiteful.

The Most Popular DPS Specializations

  1. Retribution Paladin - 13.2%
  2. Augmentation Evoker - 11.4%
  3. Havoc Demon Hunter - 10.0%
  4. Fire Mage - 9.8%
  5. Outlaw Rogue 7.1%
  6. Demonology Warlock - 5.0%
  7. Shadow Priest - 4.5%
  8. Beast Mastery Hunter - 4.3%
  9. Fury Warrior - 3.6%
  10. Balance Druid - 3.6%
  11. Windwalker Monk - 3.1%
  12. Enhancement Shaman - 2.0%
  13. Frost Mage - 2.0%
  14. Arms Warrior - 1.9%
  15. Destruction Warlock - 1.8%
  16. Unholy Death Knight - 1.7%
  17. Elemental Shaman - 1.7%
  18. Feral Druid - 1.6%
  19. Arcane Mage - 1.6%
  20. Survival Hunter - 1.5%
  21. Frost Death Knight - 1.5%
  22. Affliction Warlock - 1.5%
  23. Devastation Evoker - 1.5%
  24. Assassination Rogue - 1.4%
  25. Marksmanship Hunter - 1.4%
  26. Subtlety Rogue - 1.3%

Snímka obrazovky 2024-02-11 o 12.58.37.jpg

    The Most Popular Tanks

    1. Vengeance Demon Hunter - 53.6%
    2. Protection Paladin - 21.2%
    3. Blood Death Knight - 8.7%
    4. Guardian Druid - 6.5%
    5. Protection Warrior - 5.2%
    6. Brewmaster Monk 4.9%

    Snímka obrazovky 2024-02-11 o 12.58.43.jpg

    The Most Popular Healers

    1. Mistweaver Monk - 29.8%
    2. Restoration Druid - 21.3%
    3. Discipline Priest 18.2%
    4. Restoration Shaman - 10.8%
    5. Holy Priest - 9.1%
    6. Holy Paladin - 6.3%
    7. Preservation Evoker - 4.5%

    Snímka obrazovky 2024-02-11 o 12.58.52.jpg

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    Uncommon Patron

    When literally half of dps specs are represented by under 2% it's time for a rebalance, that is absolutely insane. most players only play their main toon and a good chunk of them only play 1 spec and this barrier to entry for M+ is killing it as a viable end game route for anyone but us hardcore players, and if you're reading this you're hardcore you have to realize just by being on website about wow to learn more puts you in the like top 10% of players.

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    19 hours ago, Grumar said:

    When literally half of dps specs are represented by under 2% it's time for a rebalance, that is absolutely insane. most players only play their main toon and a good chunk of them only play 1 spec and this barrier to entry for M+ is killing it as a viable end game route for anyone but us hardcore players, and if you're reading this you're hardcore you have to realize just by being on website about wow to learn more puts you in the like top 10% of players.

    It's the same issue with tanks when the top 2 tanks have nearly 80% of the popularity and the bottom 3 all average >6%.

    I understand FOTM and meta but this is beyond a joke

    The fact prot warrior was nerfed 1 month into the expansion but they're happy for them and Brew to sit at 5-6 place for 16 months says a lot too about the class balancing team.

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    With Time Trials already underway for MDI this can be progessively worse for all class categories that are not the current meta specially going into Season 4 till going into the new Expansion.  Yes, there should be some class balances but you still have to fight the general playerbase population when pugging keys for alot of these specs.  For Tanks and Healers, WoW needs to look and underlying damage mititagation from physical vs magical, skill utility, single vs AoE healing, dispelling, and GCD vs CD for large scale dmg, and etc compared to the general populace use of the current meta.  For DPS, on a given key/scenario, WoW needs to look at overall ramp uptime vs simple inlaid rotation; this can be either a rework of select passives of the class tree or and overall passive of the specialization in itself or a change of CD/GCD.  And I'm not touching/talking about what the 1% Cutting Edge/MDI can do with a given spec with this post those players play the game on a completely different playing field compared to the average player that just wants to play the game at their own leisure.


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        I'd also like to shout out all the officers and leadership that have been in this project with me. I think you all are some of the best gaming friends I've made, and a lot of you have challenged me and pushed me to be a better person and a better leader, and I'll always be thankful for that. There's gonna be a few too many people to list here, but from the early days of US 200th with Glade, Dhaubbs, Comfy, and Bubba, to our nightly era with Maevey, Witts, Cherryvodka, and Darkbard, to our most recent era with Dbzy, Darkfurion, Shampy, Impakt, Hyper, Sloot, Maple, Ftm, Crystal, Wolf, Zoey, and Flawless - I want to thank all of you for the work and sacrifices you put into making this guild a place I will never forget.
        I also want to extend a huge thank you to all the people we worked with at Golden Guardians: Hunter, Spellsy, Danan, and Johnny to name a few. You all truly enabled my dream of participating in the RWF, and I'm not sure how to ever properly thank you all for that.
        To my analyst team this tier - Choice, Doro, John, and Permok: I very much appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes, prepping, and after/before hours to keep me in the raid. Scared to think where we would've been without the instant WA support, or all the late-night Aug TCing, datamining, or anything and everything else. I hope you all can find another home in the scene if you want. Don't be strangers.
        Lastly, I want to thank everyone in the community, in particular the people that tuned into our streams, helped us with crafting, splits, participated in our charity events, or just had fun interactions with our members. You all are the single most important aspect of WoW, and your support meant the world to us. May all your journeys be filled with success and adventure!
        As for myself, I haven't committed to a future direction yet, in game or out of game. I still think there's a lot of passion in me for this game and this community, I just need a few months off to figure it all out after redlining it for 3 years straight. Maybe I'll be a part of the RWF elsewhere, maybe I'll reform with a some friends as a chill(er) nighttime guild for the new expansion (any ex-raiders that made it this far hit me up).
        With heartfelt thanks and best wishes,
        GM/Founder of BDG
      • By Stan
        A Warlock managed to get their hands on Fyr'alath, yet, puzzlingly, their Felguard can't use it even with the Glyph of Felguard.
        The Glyph of Felguard is supposed to let the Felguard wield any random two-handed axe, mace, sword, or polearm from the Warlock's inventory. But for some reason, it just won't work with Fyr'alath the Dreamrender, as you can see in the screenshot below.

        You're probably wondering how the Warlock even looted Fyr'alath the Dreamrender in the first place, right? You can roll for the item when it drops on Mythic Difficulty as opposed to other difficulties where it drops as personal loot.
        Source: Reddit
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