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Last Epoch Class Wheel Gets a Dark Mode Makeover!

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Check out the recently revealed dark mode class wheel for Last Epoch, featuring the game's updated class and mastery icons!

Eleventh Hour Games has listened to players' feedback on the recently revealed image showing the new icon designs and has given the Class Wheel a darker makeover.

Below is a brighter representation of the Class Wheel as we know it from previous versions, featuring all the new, redesigned class and mastery badges:

Last Epoch CLass Badges - Original Wheel.jpg

However, if you prefer dark mode in any application or browser, then you will definitely enjoy the new Last Epoch Class Wheel:

Last Epoch Class Badges - Dark Mode.jpg

You may also note that the order has been changed to better match the various colors of each class.

How do you feel about this version of the Class Wheel? Are you a fan of the dark mode, or do you favor the brighter image that we have all grown to love?

If you haven't already, but are interested in the game, make sure to pick up Last Epoch. And keep an eye out for future updates and information here on Icy Veins!

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    • By Neviriah
      The first post-launch Cycle, Harbingers of Ruin, is live now! Here is everything you need to know!
      Make sure to update your game through Steam before starting the game today! If the update does not appear, you may want to restart your Steam client and try again.
      To help you with this fresh start on a new Cycle, all of our Last Epoch guides on Icy Veins have been updated for the launch of patch 1.1: Harbingers of Ruin.
      For players who are still looking for a leveling or endgame build, you can head to our Last Epoch section and simply click on your preferred class in the top navigation bar to choose a build guide to follow. We do not only provide high-quality build guides but also cover various topics such as in-game systems, general guides, and other endgame activities!
      Additionally, there are a few other things we want to remind you of for this Cycle launch:
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      Last Epoch's next big cycle patch, Harbingers of Ruin, goes live tomorrow! Here is everything you need to know about it, from the new Pinnacle boss to Loot filter improvements and more!
      Patch 1.1, Harbingers of Ruin, will launch on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, at 18:00. A lot of small information has been revealed in recent weeks, but the full patch notes are now available! However, because the list is quite comprehensive, and we do not want you to miss out on details, we recommend that you visit the official Last Epoch forum thread to learn more about the changes: Last Epoch - Harbingers of Ruin Patch Notes
      Additionally, you can also have a look at the Developer Overview Video from Game Director Judd:
      Let's cover some important information first! Here is what you need to know about creating a new character on the Cycle realm:
      All new characters can be created in Cycle or Legacy realms. All 1.0 Cycle characters are now moved to Legacy. Those characters stashes are also now moved to Legacy and shared among similar game modes as usual. Shared stash data includes items, resonances, gold, crafting materials, and faction progress. Each stash from the previous cycle is now available as a remove-only stash in the appropriate Legacy stash. You may remove any of these items on any Legacy character with the same optional challenge settings and use them as normal. Solo Character Found characters who abandon the challenge will get their SCF stash as a remove-only stash. For those who would rather get a summary of the patch notes than read the full forum thread, here are some of the changes that are coming tomorrow:
      New Pinnacle Boss Evade mechanic implemented Harbingers inside Monolith New Forgotten Knights Faction Nemesis system Boss Defense: Boss Ward Ward Decay Loot filter improvements Monolith of Fate updates Blessing changes Ladder updates Item Factions updates Class balance and modifications 30 new Uniques added Enemies balance UI updates and improvements Various bug fixes, and more!
      The cycle will go live tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it and enjoy exploring all of the new content and changes! 
    • By Neviriah
      The Last Epoch team will be hosting an epic lore hunt in which you will compete against other players to uncover Eterra's secrets! Here is everything you need to know!
      As the shadows deepen and the threat of ruin grows, the Headmaster of the Last Archive calls upon brave adventurers to safeguard our history. On July 12th, at 11:00 am CST, the Last Epoch Forums will host an epic quest where players can compete to uncover the secrets of Eterra.
      Researchers have shared eight crucial clues about Eterra’s past. It’s up to you to decipher these riddles and secure the knowledge they protect. The first 50 participants to complete the event will earn exclusive in-game Titles and Forum Badges.
      How to Participate
      Simply play Last Epoch! No special sign-up is required. All you have to do is decipher the following clues provided by the Researchers, and find the answers by interacting with the point of lore in-game, as shown in the image below.

      The 8 riddles are:
      In arid lands where sands do sweep,
      Near the ocean, secrets keep.
      A port’s bustle, trade and mirth,
      Hides a love of different birth.
      With scales and eyes that gleam so bright,
      A stranger slithers into sight.
      Her heart, once calm, now skips a beat,
      For them, a bond both strange and sweet.
      Once you find a piece of lore, take a screenshot, and submit all 8 images in a single ticket using the "Lore Hunt" form on the official Last Epoch support site!
      Event Rules
      Include your Account Name in the subject line. Use the Lore Hunt support form. Only one submission per person. Submit all 8 screenshots in one ticket. Screenshots must be uncropped and show the entire UI. Do not submit multiple tickets or follow-up tickets. Submissions close on July 19th at 12:00 pm (Midnight) CST. Winners will be announced on July 31st in the forums.
      Prepare for an adventure like no other and help preserve the history of Eterra!
    • By Neviriah
      With less than a week left, here is everything you need to know about the release of patch 1.1, Harbinger of Ruins! The patch will cover various topics, from quality-of-life improvements to combat changes!
      Among the various changes, we can expect a lot of quality-of-life updates to in-game systems such as: 
      Changes to Blessings: You will now find an NPC in the End of Time next to the Monolith of Fate entrance who will allow you to swap between the Blessings your character has earned and the minimum rolled versions of blessings earned on your other characters in the same game mode.
      Ladder Improvement: a new level Ladder was added. Monolith Timeline Search: A search box to the Timeline map with buttons for common reward searches was added. Loot filter improvements: new filter options, such as the ability to add multiple affix conditions to a single rule. Faction updates: Bazaar search function was updated for a more smooth search, new ranks for the Circle of Fortune, and more.
      The Monolith is an important part of Last Epoch's endgame system; therefore, the developer team decided to make certain changes to the Gaze of Orobyss. This mechanic was extremely frustrating for players until now, so a change was definitely needed! 
      Previously, your Gaze of Orobyss had diminishing returns; in 1.1, each Gaze of Orobyss will grant 12 Corruption. This takes away the confusion over how much extra Corruption you should expect to earn per Gaze, and you no longer feel like you can waste Gaze due to the removal of diminishing returns per additional Gaze.
      Classes have also received some changes:
      Channeled skills that prevented Mana regeneration while channeling no longer prevent base Mana regeneration; however, the base Mana regeneration amount has been added to their channel cost. All classes will receive balance updates. The following skills are being modified: Disintegrate Shield bash Avalanche Sorcerer Passives: Arcane Current, Archmage, Mana Shell, Mana Well and Dragon Breath. Forge Guard Passives: Shield Crafter, Champion of the Forge, Master of Arms, Hammer and Anvil, Javelineer Shaman: Swirling Maelstrom, Shattered Heavens, Avatar of Thunder, Ironbark, Gift of the Skies Ward is being rebalanced
      Of course, this is just a brief overview of the coming changes for patch 1.1; however, you can read the incredibly extensive official post from the Last Epoch team here: Harbingers of Ruin: Quality of Life & More
    • By Neviriah
      Harbingers of Ruin, Last Epoch's first post-launch cycle, is almost here! Let's go over all of the important details that come with this update!
      Harbingers of Ruin will be released on July 9th, and it will include several big features! Here is what you should know:
      The Evade feature has finally been implemented! Any class or transformation will have access to the Evade ability. However, the Last Epoch team specifies that it is not a dodge roll because dodge is already a mechanic in the game. 

      A new random encounter system has been added: During your journey, both in the campaign and Monolith of Fate, you will now have the possibility to encounter Nemesis: powerful warriors that have previously been slain by a Harbinger. Interacting with the body will allow you to choose between multiple loots and three options:
      Banishing the Nemesis will put it to rest. This will ban the nemesis and its loot, allowing you to get a completely new selection of items with the next Nemesis you find without fighting the current one. Challenge
      The second option is to challenge the Nemesis. Succeed, and you will receive all of the items the Nemesis had, and the next one you encounter will have a new set of items. This only works if you defeat the Nemesis. Empower
      The third option is to empower the Nemesis. This means that he will awaken enraged and attack you. If you win, the Nemesis will flee with his items. This means you will encounter later on the exact same Nemesis, but with empowered items such as increased Affix Tiers, Forging Potential, Legendary Potential, or non-experimental Sealed Affixes. You can empower a Nemesis twice. Egg of the Forgotten

      If you are lucky, you can find an Egg of the Forgotten on a Nemesis. This will reward a random unique if you challenge the Nemesis or choose to replace the egg with your own unique that has no legendary potential. If you do that, choose the Empower system, and your unique will become more powerful.
      Harbingers And Forgotten Knight
      Harbingers are new bosses found in the Monolith of Fate. You need to defeat them to access the New Pinnacle Boss. 
      After defeating your first Harbingers, you will get access to the new Forgotten Knight Faction. This faction is not a third choice, but rather a faction that is accessible to both the Merchant Guild and the Circle of Fortune.
      Pinnacle Boss
      After defeating all the Harbingers, you get access to a portal beyond the Shattered Road: the Harbinger's Domain.
      Once you enter the domain, you will have to face the leader of the Harbingers: Aberroth.

      Boss Defenses
      The Dynamic Damage Reduction mechanic is replaced with the new Boss Ward System.
      Glyph of Envy
      New Glyph of Envy: This item allows you to greatly accelerate progress through normal timelines you have not completed yet and add a large amount of stability to timelines you have completed.

      New Items
      Harbinger's Needle: Unique Small Idol Event Horizon: Unique Two-handed Mace Wall of Nothing: Unique Body Armor Aberroth's Command: Unique Scepter Phase Point: Unique Legendary Potential Quiver New Trailer
      If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new Cycle trailer below! 
      And last but not least, if you want a more detailed read on all the new information about Last Epoch's upcoming cycle, you can head to the official forum post here: Harbingers of Ruin: What's New?
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