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Resto shaman leveling question

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I'm returning to WoW after about a 1.5 year break, so this is going to sound kind of noobish.


I want to play a resto shaman once I hit level 100.


But I don't want to level as a resto shaman,  I'd rather level as a elemental shaman, and I will likely spend most of my time leveling by questing.


So the question is:


How can I level as a elemental shaman and be ready gear wise for dungeons when I hit level 100?



- P




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From what I've seen, there is very little "healing" only focused quest reward gear. If you've been playing at all you've probably figured that out for yourself by now. I wouldn't worry about your gear being prioritized for healing by the time you hit 100. Most Normal difficulty dungeons should be healable in your best quest reward gear. You will start getting healing spec gear from dungeons and heroics. Below is a link to a nice early gearing guide that details all the available sources of WoD starting raid gear.


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I am a resto shaman, 100 lvl now and leveled in Ele spec.

Do not bother yourself with gear before you hit 100. And, frankly, I wouldn't advice to run too many dungeons while leveling - no point. But change your loot spec for Resto and leave it in this way. And ask your group leader always to change dungeon loot to personal.


The only gear that matter you'll start to obtain from the last Nagrand quests (blue 600+ pieces).

- You will get ilvl 610 weapon from your Bronze Proving Grounds (quest from your Garrison on 100 lvl).

- You can get two 615 ilvl trinkets from Reputation vendors in Ashran (Draenei and Arrakoa in Town Hall). They are +Multistrike (which is good) and actually procs on your harmful abilities (dps), but it doesn't really matters for the start.

- You will get 640 ilvl epic ring from the Legendary quest that you can do on lvl 98. It requires only one normal dungeon run.

- You will get 640 ilvl epic helm from Blizz anniversary event next week.

- You can build Leatherworking workshop in your Garrison and craft 640 epic Chest and Legs (BoE) or buy them on AH.

- You can build Inscription workshop in your Garrison and craft 630 weapon and 640 epic trinket.


With all these possibilities, you don't really have to be bothered about Resto gear while leveling smile.png


I healed all the Normal lvl 100 dungeons in 595 ilvl gear yesterday (had better non-Resto pieces in my pack - it still counts for your gear requirements to enter certain instances). Not a big joy, but definitely possible.

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Just a warning; it takes forever to craft anything when going solely through the Garrison smile.png

You are right. And this is the reason why I leveled my main Shaman (Enchanting+Jewelcrafting) to lvl 100 and immediately got  Priest (Inscription+Tailoring) and Monk (Leatherworking+Tailoring) to lvl 93, so I'll be able upgrade their Garrisons to level 2.

It's only 2-3 hours to 93, but you start to get so much more resources for crafting gear with 7 professional buildings.

This is my doc with Gear planning for the Shaman.

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