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The Most Popular Specializations in Mythic+ in Dragonflight Season 3 Week 16

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It's that time of the week again where we check the most popular specs for Mythic+!


The following post is based on data taken from u.gg, which has combined thousands of parses from live servers.

The Most Popular Specializations for Mythic+ in Season 3 Week 16

This week's affixes are Tyrannical, Incorporeal, and Spiteful.

The Most Popular DPS Specializations

  1. Retribution Paladin - 17.7%
  2. Fire Mage - 8.8%
  3. Augmentation Evoker - 7.9%
  4. Havoc Demon Hunter - 7.5%
  5. Shadow Priest - 7.3%
  6. Outlaw Rogue 6.3%
  7. Demonology Warlock - 4.8%
  8. Beast Mastery Hunter - 4.5%
  9. Fury Warrior - 4.0%
  10. Balance Druid - 2.9%
  11. Windwalker Monk - 2.7%
  12. Destruction Warlock - 2.2%
  13. Arms Warrior - 2.1%
  14. Enhancement Shaman - 2.0%
  15. Frost Mage - 2.0%
  16. Elemental Shaman - 1.9%
  17. Unholy Death Knight - 1.8%
  18. Survival Hunter - 1.6%
  19. Marksmanship Hunter - 1.5%
  20. Arcane Mage - 1.5%
  21. Frost Death Knight - 1.5%
  22. Subtlety Rogue - 1.5%
  23. Assassination Rogue - 1.5%
  24. Affliction Warlock - 1.5%
  25. Feral Druid - 1.4%
  26. Devastation Evoker - 1.4%

Snímka obrazovky 2024-03-03 o 18.58.51.jpg

    The Most Popular Tanks

    1. Vengeance Demon Hunter - 55.2%
    2. Protection Paladin - 18.0%
    3. Blood Death Knight - 9.1%
    4. Guardian Druid - 6.8%
    5. Protection Warrior - 5.7%
    6. Brewmaster Monk 5.2%

    Snímka obrazovky 2024-03-03 o 18.58.56.jpg

    The Most Popular Healers

    1. Mistweaver Monk - 29.8%
    2. Restoration Druid - 20.8%
    3. Discipline Priest 16.4%
    4. Restoration Shaman - 11.9%
    5. Holy Priest - 9.3%
    6. Holy Paladin - 7.0%
    7. Preservation Evoker - 4.8%

    Snímka obrazovky 2024-03-03 o 18.59.01.jpg

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        Blizzard has another "what to do" post ready, covering everything players can do in this week's War Within pre-patch and remaining Dragonflight content! They go over the activities, achievements, special mount rewards that are going away, and more! 
        While soaring the skies in the land of dragons, you'll want to ensure you complete the activities from around the Dragon Isles before their rewards are no longer available (or not as easily obtained) when The War Within™ arrives on 26 August.
        Dragonflight Season 4
        Raids will no longer be "Awakened" when The War Within launches, and the following  rewards, achievements, and teleports tied to them will no longer be attainable: Voyaging Wilderling mount attained from Awakening the Dragonflight Raids. "Awakened Hero" title attained from Heroic: Awakening the Dragonflight Raids. Raid teleports Path of the Primal Prison, Path of the Bitter Legacy, and Path of the Scorching Dream earned from Mythic: Awakening the Dragonflight Raids. Season 4 Awakened Raid Achievements: Awakened Storms: Normal, Heroic, Mythic Awakened Shadows: Normal, Heroic, Mythic Awakened Flames: Normal, Heroic, Mythic After The War Within launches, the ability to obtain the Reins of Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance will become much more difficult. Learning the mount on any class also awards the Feather of the Blazing Somnowl and the Cinder of Companionship. Dungeons
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        Once WoW Remix ends, characters will be converted to regular characters, and all Remix-specific items and perks will be removed. However, those characters will still be playable in The War Within Pre-Expansion and beyond.
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        Radiant Echoes Pre-Expansion Event Ends 27 August
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        Where: Dalaran (hub), Dragonblight, Dustwallow Marsh, and Searing Gorge
        Currency: Residual Memories – Half-forgotten memories can be glimpsed in the light, playing across this iridescent powder.
        Levels: 10-70
        Players with and without The War Within can participate in this event. Learn more about this event in our overview article.
        The War Within goes live on August 26 at 23:00 BST globally. Players who have purchased the Epic Edition of The War Within can participate in Early Access beginning 22 August.
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      • By Stan
        A new camera feature in the War Within pre-patch prevents the camera from jumping around when your character moves in front of an object. Check it out!
        To enable or disable this feature, use the following console command:
        /console cameraIndirectVisibility [0,1]
        To play around with the sensitivity, use this command:
        /console cameraIndirectOffset [0, 10.0] 
        Here is a side-by-side comparison. left is off, right is with the new feature on.
        Source: Reddit
      • By Staff
        MrGM had the opportunity to sit down with Game Producer George Velev and Principal Software Engineer Peter Hodge to discuss the War Within pre-patch and here's a recap of the interview!
        Interview Highlights
        There were significant challenges in data conversion from character-specific to account-level. Achievement conversion was a major task, involving around 20,000 achievements. Simultaneous character login and data integrity were key challenges. Warband banks feature was implemented to handle multiple character access. More account-wide features planned based on player feedback. Potential future expansions to include more quality-of-life improvements. Hero Talents
        Introduced without an in-game tutorials, players will get a pop-up window notifying them about the first Hero talent at level 71. Continuous iteration and potential redesign post-launch. Community feedback from Beta testing has been crucial. Hero talents will be adjusted based on feedback. Focus on maintaining class and spec identity. Pre-Patch & Launch
        The team is excited for the pre-patch and full launch of the expansion. Class balance and Warbands are key focuses for the pre-patch. Reputation
        There are plans to make reputations account-wide, starting with Dragonflight and moving backward. Character-specific reputations will remain as such for specific cases. Class-Specific Items
        The current stance is to keep class-specific items unique to their classes. The team is open to player feedback on making some of these items account-wide in the future. Class Balance
        Wide variety of content (raids, mythic+, PvP) poses challenges for balancing. Hero talents offer a new layer of complexity but also provide tools for easier tuning. Class & Race Combinations
        Future updates will expand Dracthyr to more classes. Considerations for balancing racial abilities for new class combinations. Here's a link to the developer interview.
      • By Staff
        Blizzard has introduced new color variations of the Stormrider's Attire Transmog set and new battle pets that you can unlock by pre-purchasing the Heroic or Epic version of The War Within!
        If you pre-order the Heroic and Epic versions of the game, you can talk to Kurdran Wildhammer in Valdrakken to complete The Stormrider's Bond quest to receive additional color variations of the Stormrider's Attire Transmog set.
        Players who pre-purchase the Heroic/Epic editions can summon Squally from their collection and complete the Gryphons of a Feather quest to add even more gryphon pets to their collection!
        Add a zap of color to your Collection with additional color variations for the Stormrider's Attire Transmog set and Squally pet when you pre-purchase the Heroic or Epic edition of World of Warcraft®: The War Within™.
        Upgradable Stormrider’s Attire Transmog Set
        With the The War Within pre-expansion content update launch, players who upgrade to the Heroic or Epic Edition of The War Within can accept the quest "The Stormrider's Bond" from Kurdran Wildhammer in Valdrakken.
        Completing this quest will reward three new Transmog armor sets in addition to the Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set.
        Alternate sets: Champion, Stormrider's Attire, Deep Stormrider's Attire, and Shining Stormrider's Attire
        After completing Kurden's first quest, he'll have another for you. Complete "A Sacred Connection" to receive upgraded versions of the Stormrider’s Attire sets.
        Upgraded alternate sets: Sparking Stormrider's Attire, Frenzied Stormrider's Attire, and Shocking Stormrider's Attire
        Players who have not begun these quests during the pre-expansion update of The War Within can pick up a quest from Stormrider Bruelda in Dornogal upon launch.
        In Search of Stray Siblings
        Seek out Squally's lost siblings to gain a group of fun-size gryphons as battle pets!
        Players who upgrade to the Epic Editon of The War Within can summon Squally from their Collection and tackle the "Gryphons of a Feather" quest. Track down Squally's three siblings, Flash, Gale, and Thundo, within the Dragon Isles to add them to your bevy of battle pets. 
        Pre-Purchase World of Warcraft: The War Within
        Become a part of a thrilling new story 20 years in the making!
        Choose Your Edition
        Epic Edition

        Includes everything in the Heroic Edition. Plus, you’ll have guaranteed Beta Access and Early Access (3 days) to The War Within†. You’ll also receive 30 days of game time, Squally, the Storm Hatchling pet, Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy, and Deepdweller’s Earthen Hearthstone effect. Also includes an additional 250 Trader’s Tender (1000 in total) to use in the Trading Post††. Heroic Edition
        Includes everything in the Base Edition. Plus, you’ll receive the Algarian Stormrider mount with Dynamic Flying and access to special racecourses, and the Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set. The mount has four color variants, with a slew of additional customization options available. The Transmog set can be upgraded to the Thundering Stormrider’s Attire upon completing the special racecourses available with the Algarian Stormrider. Also includes an additional 250 Trader’s Tender (750 in total) to use in the Trading Post††.
        Base Edition
        Includes the World of Warcraft: The War Within pre-purchase, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight***, an Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost with upgraded gear, reputation progress, and more, to prepare you for your adventures in the depths of the world. Also includes 500 Trader’s Tender to use in the Trading Post ††

        Base Edition
        Heroic Edition
        Epic Edition
        World of Warcraft: The War Within available at launch**
        Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost
        Trader’s Tender
        Algarian Stormrider mount with dynamic flying, dozens of customization options, and access to special racecourses

        Upgradable Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set
        Beta Access to The War Within†
        3 Days Early Access to The War Within†
        30 Days of Game Time
        Squally, the Storm Hatchling pet
        Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy
        Deepdweller's Earthen Hearthstone effect 
        Pre-Purchase today!
        *Future expansions not included in WoW: The War Within purchase.
        **Available on or before December 31, 2024.
        ***If you already have Dragonflight on your account, it will not be re-granted.
        †Beta Access and Early Access dates subject to change.  Early Access duration is 3 days. Limited time only. Play time subject to possible outages and time zone differences. Certain endgame features, including Mythic dungeons and weekly quests, not available during Early Access. Click for more details.
        ††In-game items not available in WoW Classic games. Boost only usable on the WoW® game account on which it was purchased or redeemed.  
        Upgrading to the Heroic or Epic Edition will not re-grant in-game items previously unlocked on your account. Requires World of Warcraft, Internet connection, and Battle.net® Account and desktop app. Requires World of Warcraft Subscription or Game Time.
      • By Staff
        Our class guides have been updated for the War Within pre-patch! Check out the latest class changes that will go live for each class today!
        The War Within Pre-Patch Class Guides
        We're pleased to announce that our class guides have been updated for the latest World of Warcraft patch!
        World of Warcraft Class Guides
        Here are links to the other class guides. Don't forget to use our War Within talent calculator to easily import/export builds!
         Death Knight
        Class Forum Blood Death Knight Guide Frost Death Knight Guide Unholy Death Knight Guide The War Within Death Knight Leveling Guide  Mage
        Class Forum Arcane Mage Guide Fire Mage Guide Frost Mage Guide The War Within Mage Leveling Guide  Rogue
        Class Forum Assassination Rogue Guide Outlaw Rogue Guide Subtlety Rogue Guide The War Within Rogue Leveling Guide  Demon Hunter
        Class Forum Havoc Demon Hunter Guide Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide The War Within Demon Hunter Leveling Guide  Monk
        Class Forum Brewmaster Monk Guide Mistweaver Monk Guide Windwalker Monk Guide The War Within Monk Leveling Guide  Shaman
        Class Forum Elemental Shaman Guide Enhancement Shaman Guide Restoration Shaman Guide The War Within Shaman Leveling Guide  Druid
        Class Forum Balance Druid Guide Feral Druid Guide Guardian Druid Guide Restoration Druid Guide The War Within Druid Leveling Guide  Paladin
        Class Forum Holy Paladin Guide Protection Paladin Guide Retribution Paladin Guide The War Within Paladin Leveling Guide  Warlock
        Class Forum Affliction Warlock Guide Demonology Warlock Guide Destruction Warlock Guide The War Within Warlock Leveling Guide  Hunter
        Class Forum Beast Mastery Hunter Guide Marksmanship Hunter Guide Survival Hunter Guide The War Within Hunter Leveling Guide  Priest
        Class Forum Discipline Priest Guide Holy Priest Guide Shadow Priest Guide The War Within Priest Leveling Guide  Warrior
        Class Forum Arms Warrior Guide Fury Warrior Guide Protection Warrior Guide The War Within Warrior Leveling Guide Evoker
        Class Forum Augmentation Evoker DPS Guide Devastation Evoker DPS Guide Preservation Evoker Healing Guide The War Within Evoker Leveling Guide
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