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Hey Everyone, I am ShockBlock, a R Shaman/Feral&Moonkin Druid/ MM Hunter. I have raided for years, and played since Vanilla. I have done some PvP in the past, but nothing real competitive. I have decided this expansion to get into 3s Arena and RBGs. I was wondering what everyone is going to consider the best 3s comp after all the changes from 6.0.2. Is it still going to be LSD2 that won Blizzcon or WWSL? My friends and I were thinking about running the same comp as Bleached Bones, which was LSD2, or Affliction Lock/Resto Shaman/Moonkin Druid. With all the new changes, are druid heals going to be better than Shaman heals? And with the new DRs added, are moonkins still going to be as good? I would love to hear everyones opinion on this. Thanks in advanced and enjoy WoD! I know I am smile.png

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