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During my 6 hour fight with the 90% Blue Bar boss I was channel surfing twitch for people lucky enough to have defeated it.  Ran into @itsPrincessChu on her Twitch Channel as they were renaming Goblins vs. Gnomes to something...  let's say a lot more catchy.  Hilarious! 


Anyhow, the viewers in her chat (many more than I am used to for raid streaming, lol) were helping another member with returning to the game and another toying with the idea of trying their first MMO.  Icy-Veins was brought up and was unanimously supported.  I stayed silent during the conversation until it ended and just wanted to say thank you again to all involved and to extend some unsolicited support back in your direction.  I had a great time, tons of laughs!




P.S. I might have to commission an Icy-Veins background/banner!



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Did someone say banner? I may know a guy that likes to make banners wink.png

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