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10.2.5 Class Tuning: March 13th

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Blizzard have announced another round of class tuning with next week's reset! We have 7 classes getting looked at in PvE, with Mistweaver, Preservation and Frost Mage getting the most changes, while Marksmanship and Survival get flat buffs. There are many more changes coming to classes in PvP, with 11 of them getting tuned, so let's take a look. 

Blizzard LogoClass Tuning (Source)

As always, we’ve closely monitored data on class performance as well as player feedback. With all of that in mind, we’ve developed the following adjustments to classes that are over- and under-performing in group content and PvP. These changes will go into effect with scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.



  • Restoration
    • Rejuvenation healing increased by 12%. Does not affect PvP combat.


  • Preservation
  • Developers’ notes: Preservation has been underutilized lately, in part due to the range restrictions of the specialization. To help compensate for that, we’re increasing the healing and defensiveness of Preservation so they can traverse the battlefield more easily and safely.
    • Time of Need clone’s overall healing increased by 100%. Time of Need clone’s Living Flame healing increased by 16%.
    • Live-Giver’s Flame heals for 40/80% of damage done (was 35/70%).
    • Inherent Resistance reduces magic damage taken by 4/8% (was 2/4%) for Preservation Evoker.
    • Attuned to the Dream increases healing done and received by 3/6% (was 2/4%) for Preservation Evoker.


  • Marksmanship
    • All damage dealt by you and your pets abilities increased by 3%.
  • Survival
    • All damage dealt by you and your pets abilities increased by 3%.


  • Frost
    • Flurry damage increased by 25%.
    • Waterbolt and Water Jet damage increased by 25%.
    • Frostbolt damage increased by 10%.
    • Ice Lance damage increased by 5%.


  • Mistweaver
    • All healing reduced by 6%. Does not affect PvP combat.
    • Sheilun’s Gift healing increased by 6%.
    • Jadefire Stomp healing and damage increased by 6%.
    • Expel Harm healing increased by 6%.


  • Subtlety
    • Eviscerate damage reduced by 6%. Does not affect PvP combat.


  • Elemental
    • All damage increased by 3%. Does not affect PvP combat.

Players versus Player

  • Fixed an issue that caused Light’s Protection, Soulburn: Drain Life, Icy Feet’s lockout effect, Master of the Elements, and Fury of Elune to be vulnerable to enemy purge effects.

Demon Hunter

  • Havoc
    • Demon Hide (talent) physical damage reduction is now 3% (was 5%).
    • Scars of Suffering (talent) Versatility bonus reduced to 2% (was 4%).
    • Illidari Knowledge (talent) Magic damage reduction is now 3% (was 5%).
    • Will of the Illidari (talent) max health bonus reduced to 3% (was 5%).
    • Essence Break (talent) damage bonus for Chaos Strike/Blade Dance reduced to 40% (was 50%).
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the 50% PvP reduction to the Throw Glaive cast by Screaming Torchfiend’s Brutality (2-piece) from being applied.


  • Adaptive Swarm can no longer be cast during arena or battleground preparation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Well-Honed Instincts debuff to not clear upon the start of a PvP match.
  • Feral
    • Frenzied Regeneration is no longer reduced by 37.5% for Feral and Balance Druids in PvP combat. Restoration druids’ Frenzied Regeneration remains reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Wild Attunement no longer activates when Cyclone is cast on an immune target.
  • Restoration
    • Fixed an issue that caused Reforestation stacks to persist past the starting room in PvP instances.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Reactive Resin to apply to the Restoration Druid if heal over time effects were dispelled after being spell stolen.


  • Beast Mastery
    • Kill Shot damage increased by 25% in PvP (was 10%).
  • Survival
    • Raptor Strike damage increased by 5% in PvP (was 11% reduced).
    • Mongoose Bite damage increased by 5% in PvP (was 11% reduced).


  • Ring of Fire (PvP Talent) now deals 18% of its target’s health over 6 seconds (was 24%).
  • Arcane
    • Prismatic Barrier now reduces magic damage taken by 10% (was 15%) and reduces the duration of incoming magic effects by 15% (was 25%) in PvP combat.
  • Fire
    • Fevered Incantation now increases Critical Strike damage by 1% (was 2%) per stack in PvP combat.
    • Meteor’s damage increased by 30% (was 11%) in PvP combat.
    • Fireball’s damage increased by 35% (was 18%) in PvP combat.
    • Scorch damage increased by 300% (was 200%) in PvP combat.
    • Fire Blast damage is now reduced by 8% (was 14%) in PvP combat.
    • Living Bomb damage increased by 800% (was 440%) in PvP combat.


  • Mistweaver
    • Vivify healing decreased by 10% (was 20%) in PvP combat.
    • Invigorating Mist healing increased by 12% in PvP combat.
    • Soothing Mist healing increased by 15% in PvP combat.
    • Soothing Mist (Jade Serpent Statue) healing increased by 15% in PvP combat.


  • Holy
    • Denounce (PvP talent) damage increased by 70%.
    • Judgment damage increased by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Greater Judgment absorb increased by 30% in PvP combat.


  • Discipline
    • Smite damage increased by 25% in PvP combat.
    • Atonement healing increased by 8% in PvP combat.


  • Outlaw
    • Float Like a Butterfly (talent) effectiveness is now reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Precision Shot (talent) damage reduction is now 3% (was 5%) in PvP combat.
    • Take Your Cut (PvP talent) haste granted reduced to 10% (was 15%) and duration reduced to 10 seconds (was 12 seconds).


  • Enhancement
    • Healing Surge healing is now increased by 25% in PvP combat.


  • Soulburn: Demonic Circle now lasts 4 seconds in PvP Combat (was 6 seconds).
  • Soulburn: Demonic Circle now increases movement speed by 30% in PvP combat (was 50%).
  • Destruction
    • Flame Rift damage from the Amirdrassil 4-piece set bonus is now reduced by 30% in PvP combat.


  • Cacophonous Roar damage threshold is increased by 100% (was 200%) in PvP combat.
  • Arms
    • Execute damage increased by 25% in PvP (was 15%).
  • Fury
    • Execute damage increased by 65% in PvP (was 50%).

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