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Starship Community and Guild [EU] - VOTI - 2/8M | ATSC - 3/9M | ATDH - 4/9M

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Welcome aboard the Starship, where we take World of Warcraft to a whole new level! As a BLIZZARD, Raider.IO, Streamlabs, NordVPN, Zygor, Glytch, and Gameradvantage Partnered EU World of Warcraft Community, we're not just your average guild - we're a full-blown experience!



1. First things first, let's talk about the 🌈Starship Cup 🏆

🐉This dragon racing tournament is not your average run-of-the-mill event. We're talking about taking to the skies and challenging your friends in a way that will leave you breathless (and maybe a little windblown). With registration now open, you have until May 31st, 2024 to prove your dragon racing skills and qualify for the finals live on Twitch. The top 16 racers will battle it out for some seriously epic prizes. So, grab your dragon and start practicing those flying skills!



But that's not all we do here at Starship. We're all about hosting a wide range of regular live events to keep things interesting. From Mythic Plus view keys to birthday weekends that are always a blast, there's never a dull moment in our community.

RAID TEAMS, cater to all types of players, whether you're into normal raids, Heroic AOTC, or Mythic challenges. And if you're new to raiding or feeling a bit anxious about giving it a try and jumping into a team, fear not! Our Raid School led by the amazing Zippy is here to guide you through every encounter.

1. Helios - Awakened Prog VOTI - 2/8M | ATSC - 3/9M | ATDH - 2/9M
2. Empire - Awakened Prog VOTI - 8/8HC | ATSC - 9/9HC | ATDH - 9/9HC
3. Ascension - Awakened Prog  VOTI - 1/8HC | ATSC - 2/9HC | ATDH - 2/9HC
4. Phoenix - Awakened Prog VOTI 8/8N | ATSC 9/9N | ATDH - 9/9N
5. Chronos - Newly forming raid team with aspirations to head into Mythic.



🪓For those who prefer the thrill of Mythic Plus dungeons, we've got you covered with regular M+ evenings. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced player, there's a spot for you in our events.


🎁And let's not forget about the amazing prizes you can win in our contests and giveaways. From epic editions of the War Within to WoW duck slippers (yes, they're a thing), there's always something exciting up for grabs.


🌈At Starship, inclusivity is key. No matter your experience or background, you're welcome to join our diverse and accepting community. We believe that the more diverse our crew is, the more fun we'll have together 🌈


So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us on the Starship for an out-of-this-world World of Warcraft experience. Follow us on Twitter for updates and check out our website for more information on all the amazing things we have in store.


Get ready to soar to new heights with the Starship community. We'll see you in Azeroth!







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