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Protection Warrior BiS question

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Hey out there fellow prot warriors

I am going to raid as fast as possible in WoD, and that means that it is required of me that I get the best items possible before the adventure in raids starts. 

But by all means, I am very confused how blizzard have made this expac for gearing.
Our best stats are: 

Bonus Armor;
Critical Strike;

But why is it, that I have loot specialization on protection, but still all I get is haste, multistrike and Versatility. Those are my worst three stats. 

I read a lot about gearing up in WoD, and actually most guides suggest you buy almost ALL your loot from Apexis Crystals and crafting (https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/protection-warrior-pve-tank-gear-loot-best-in-slot)

This makes me sad. Actually not a single loot, on that list is actually a drop in a HC. It will require A LOT of farming and grinding. 

So let the discussion begin. Is this the BiS list? Please come with your arguments

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The site guides do not yet have a BiS set up. Loot is very randomized now, so your loot spec really only means that you'll be getting loot that you can use. It does not mean that it will be at all optimal. It really only means that you won't be getting int offhands or pieces with spirit. You still have the opportunity to get a vers/haste ring instead of the BA/mastery ring you'd want. Does that make sense? If all you're getting is haste, multistrike, and versatility it means you're having a streak of bad luck. Unfortunate, but entirely possible.


The reason you're not seeing BiS lists with heroic dungeon gear on them is a matter of item level. Heroics drop 630 gear with a chance to drop 636 gear. Your daily challenge mode epic will give 640 gear, and crafting and apexis crystals give higher and higher ilvl things as you upgrade. Worrying about being BiS right now isn't a big deal. Run dungeons and CMs as much as you can and craft what you can and you'll be in a fine spot for raiding. Personally, I'm holding onto my crafting mats until I have a problem slot that I haven't gotten a drop for (hello, legs -.-).


Another user was kind enough to put together a pre-raid BiS list. You can check this for an idea of what items you'd like to aim for.

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Thanks for your respond! I guess I am just very unlucky. Ive been running some HCs and got a couple of loots with different stats on, but they can feel half and half in terms of stats. But I guess the new normal (old flex) wont require BiS items for you to be able to complete them. But thanks for your kind responds. I will keep an eye out on this forum, for some more updates regarding the subject. 

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If you are playing as Arms, you will not get bonus armor unless your loot specialization is set to Protection.


I was referring to the issues the OP was having, where I have loot spec set to Protection but am still getting Arms loot :)

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