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Mage Boredom

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I'm bored of the low skill-cap that is in the game for PVE Mages. I feel I may be sour because I'm being forced into playing frost until raid gear comes out, but I think the changes in WoD simplified an already simple class to the point of tedium. The removal of snap-shotting, offensive alter time, and changes to mage bombs just made too many things automatic in my opinion. I'm really feeling like the skill-cap is so low on Mages right now that I don't know if I can play the entire expansion without re-rolling at some point.



How is everyone feeling about Mage right now? I can't be the only one that is heartbroken and bored with the class. 

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Hey Voelk,

To be fair, for Frost the spec right now is far more complicated than it was before. There are many decisions you have to make, especially when taking Frost Bomb and Prismatic Crystal. Frost has moved away from being a completely reactionary spec like it was in MoP. Now you have Fingers of Frost generators, rather than only Frozen Orb. Also due to the fact that you have multistrike trinkets (procs) you can predict when your next BF is going to proc.


In general, Frost is far more interesting than what it was in MoP. If however you keep stuck at the old mindset of reacting to procs, then I understand why you might feel it bores you.


However boredom is something subjective (with an exception on Apexis Crystal Farming Quests which is boring for everyone). If at the end of the day you don't enjoy your mage, you can move away from it and pick it up when you do :)

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