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Card list need help to make decent deck

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Hello i am new too the forums, listed below is all the cards i own in heartstone, and would like some help to make a half decent deck. i stupidly broke a lot of cards when i was first starting out as i thought i would never play those classes. thinking that i would only play this game for two or three weeks.




x2 innervate, x2moonfire, x2 claw, x1 savagery, x2 mark of the wild, x2 wild growth, x1 warth, x2 healing touch, x1 mark of nature, x2 savage roar, x1 bite, x1 soulof the forest, x2 swipe, x1 starfall, x1 druid of the claw, x2 starfire, x2 Ironbark Protector



x2 hunter's mark, x2 arcane shot, x2 tracking, x2 timber wolf, x1 freezing trap, x1 misdirection, x1 snipe, x2 scavenging hyena, x2 animal companion, x2 kill command, x1 unleash the hounds, x2 multi-shot, x2houndmaster, x2 starving buzzard, x2 tundra rhino,




x2 arcane missiles, x2 ice lance, x2 mirror image, x2 mana wyrm, x2 arcane explosion, x2 frostbolt, x2 sorcerer's apprentice, x2 arcane inntellect, x2 forst nova, x1 ice barrier, x2 mirror entity, x2 cone of cold, x2 fireball, x2 polymorph, x2 water elemental, x1 blizzard, x2 flameblast, x1 archmage antonidas, x2 pyroblast




 x2 Light's justice, x2 blassing of might, x1 blessing of wisdom, x2 hand of protection, x2 humility, x1 noble sacrifice, x1 redemption, x2 repentance, x2 holy light, x2 divine favor, x1 aldor peacekeeper, x2 truesilver champion, x2 blessing of kings, x2 consecration, x2 hammer of warth, x2 guardian of kings




x1 circle of healing, x2 silence, x2 holy smite, x1 inner fire, x2 mind vision, x2 power word: shield, x2 northshire cleric, x2 divine spirit,  x2 mind blast, x2 shadow word: pain, x2 shadow word: death, x2 thoughtsteal, x2 holy nova, x1 temple enforcer, x2 mind control




x2 backstab, x2 shadowstep, x2 cold blood, x1 concel, x2 deadly poison, x2 sinister strike, x2 eviscrate, x2 sap, x2 shiv, x1 defias ringleader, x2 fan of knives, x2 assassin's blade, x2 assassinate, x2 vanish, x2 sprint




x2 ancestral healing, x2 totemic might, x1 earth shock, x2 forked lightning, x2 frost shock, x1 lightning bolt, rockbiter weapon,  x2 dust devil, x1 stromforged axe, x1 ancestral spirit, x2 windfury, x2 flametongue totem, x1 far sight, x1 feral spirit, x2 hex, x1 lightning storm, x2 unbound elemental, x2 windspeaker, x2 bloodlust, x1 earth elemental, x2 fire elemental




x2 sacrifical pact, x2 soulfire, corruption, x2 mortal coil, x2 power overwhelming, x1 blood imp, x1 flame imp, x2 voidwalker, x1 demonfire, x2 succubus, x2 drian life, x1 sense demons, x2 shadow bolt, x2 hellfire, x2 summoning portal, x2 dread internal




x2 execute, x2 whirlwind, x2 fiery war axe, x2 cleave, x2 heroic strike, x1 rampage, x1 slam, x1 crual taskmaster, x2 charge, x2 shield block, x2 warsong commander, x1 arathi weaponsmith, x2 kor'kron elite, x2 arcanite reaper.




x2 wisp, x2 abusive sergeant, x2 elven archer, x2 goldshire footman, x2 grimscale oracle, x2  murloc raider, x1 secretkeeper, x2 shieldbearer, x2 stonetusk boar, x2 voodoo doctor, x1 worgen inflilrator, x2 young priestess,

 x2 acidic swamp ooze, x1 amani berseker, x1 ancient watcher, x2 bloodfen raptor, x1 bloodsail raider, x2 bluegill warrior, x2 dire wolf alpha, x2 faerie dragon, x2 frostwolf grunt, haunted creeper, x2 snife juggler, x2 kobold geomance, x1 loot hoarder, x2 mad bomber, x1 mana addict, x2 muloc tidehunter, x2 nerub'ar weblord, x2 nerubian egg, x2 novice engineer, x1 pint-sized summoner, x2 river crocolisk, x2 youngful brewmaster,

x2 acolyte of pain, x1 coldlight seer, x2 dalaran mage, x2 earthen ring farseer, x1 flesheating groul, x1 imp master, x2 ironforge rifleman, x2 ironfur grizzly, x2 magma rager, x2 raid leader, x2 razorfen hunter, scarlet crusader, x2 shattered sun cleric, x2 silverback patriach, x2 thrallmar farseer, x2 wolfrider,

x2 ancient brewmaster, x2 chillwind yeti, x1 defender of argus, x2 dragonling mechanic, x2 gnomish inventor, x2 magu'shan warden, x2 oasis snapjaw, x2 orge magi, x2 sen'jen shieldmasta, x2 silvermoon guardian, x2 spellbreaker, x2 stormwind knight,

x1 abomination, x2 azure drake, x2 booty bay bodyguard, x2 darkscale healer, x2 fen creeper, x2 frostwolf warlord, x2 gurubashi berserker, x2 nightblade, x2 silver hand knight, x1 spiteful smith, x2 stormpike commando, x1 stranglethorn tiger, x2 archmage, x1 argent commander, x2 boulderfist orge, x1 caine bloodhoof, x2 lord of the arena, x1 maexxna, x2 sunwalker, x1 windfury harpy, x2 core hound, x2 stormwind champion x2 priestess of elune, x2 reckless rockteer, x2 war golem



that's all folks. mainly play mage, but have been told i am doing it  wrong by a few people.

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You can search through different decks people have posted on Hearthhead. In your case, I would search for "Basic" decks to get an idea of a deck with decent cards and synergy, then substitute in your available expert cards that are better than those in the deck. I would start with simple substitutions that do the same thing and are clearly better, then as you get comfortable with what the deck is good at, make more substitutions to help your game plan.


Example: http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=506/basic-mage-starter-deck


By the author's suggestion, remove Stormpike Commando and Raid Leader, add 2 Frostbolt, remove 2 Stormwind Knight, add 2 Water Elemental, remove 2  Arcane Missiles, add 2 Flamestrike.


So you end up with this: http://www.hearthhead.com/deckbuilder#cMzh7Mzt7MmU7MVG7MoH7MRL7zR17zsL7Mah7MaP7Mqd7MbP7Mdz7MfI7Miz7Mnv8R


You've got Azure Drakes, so you probably want to wedge those in there somehow. I would sub out the Gurubashi Berserkers. You also have a Cairne Bloodhoof, very solid card. I'd take out the Archmage for it. Finally, Silence is quite powerful right now with all of the deathrattle minions running around, and since you don't have any Ironbeak Owls, you can use the Spellbreakers. I might get rid of the Shattered Sun Clerics or the Stormwind Champions to use these, or you could just put one Spellbreaker in.


Here's what I would do: http://www.hearthhead.com/deckbuilder#cMzh7Mzt7MmU7MVG7MoH7zkk7MRL7zsL7Mah7MaP7Mqd7zbP7zbQ7Md67MfI7Miz7Mnv8R


You can make substitutions to fit your own flavour, but this is the basic process for constructing a deck on a budget.

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hey thanks for the reply. i have been watching youtube videos and been reading some online articles and decided to break a few rares that i don't want and made two ironbeak owls.


atm the deck i have been using with some success goes somethign like this: x2 mirror image x2 mana wyrm x2 arcane explosion, x2 ironbeak owl, x2 frost bolt, x2  sorcerer's apprentice, x2 arcane intellect, x2 harvest golem, x2 fireball, x2 polymorph, x1 water elemental, x2 azure drake, x1 blizzard, x1 argent commander, x1 cairne bloodhoof, x1 flamestrike, x1 archmage antonidas, x1 pyroblast

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well that is true, but the cost isn't worth it to me. 700 per wing. which is what 30 cards? in total not worth in my eyes. i need 2100 gold in total. with 2100 gold i could buy 21 packs. that's 105 cards, some of which would be doubles.

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